Supply And Installation Of Led Street Lights At Muchipara Road, Muchipara Lane And Other Location Under Ward No.48 Under Borough-vii Of H.m.c.


India, West Bengal, hoigebazar



Last Date For Submission

15 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

15 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 10 | Total Qty : 1806
# Item Quantity Units
1 Distribution wiring for street light on pole for outdoor fluorescent / SV / MV light fitting with 2 x 1 / 1.40 PVC insulated and sheathed wire (single core) in 15 mm dia GI pipe (ISI-Medium) without control switch, incl. fitting and fixing the light fitting by providing 32 mm dia GI pipe bracket of length 1.05 mts., on pole incl. S&F suitable MS flat clamps with bolts, nuts etc. as required and painting. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-5/I-H(2) 25.000 Nos
2 Supplying & fixing GI waterproof type looping cable box size 200 x 150 x 100mm deep having 4mm thick comprising of one 250Volts 15 A Kit-kat fuse unit, one NL on porcelain insulator, one compression type brass cable gland for upto 2 core 16 sqmm PVC/A cable and having lined with rubber gasketted CI top cover with brass machine screws etc. earthing terminal with lug,on steel tubular pole near base, incl. S & F 40 x 6 mm thick, MS clamps with bolts, nuts etc.incl.painting with anticorrosive paint. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-5/I-H(5) 25.000 Nos
3 Supply of 1.1 KV grade PVC insulated cable with Al.conducto as per IS -7098 (Part-I)1988 4 Core x 10 mm2 (Unarmoured) Make:GLOSTER/HAVELLS/Polycab Ref: UD&MA/Electrical-Mechanical works/2018/P-13,11/I-1,3 827.000 Mtr.
4 Supplying & Erection of 75 x 88 mm Porcelain Shackle insulator complete with 190 x 30 x 5 mm Galv.(Hot Dip) Strips with 15.88mm dia Galv. bolts, nuts, etc. for conductor upto 7/3.10 mm, 32 sqmm of AAC/equivalent size of ACSR. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-3/I-D(1) 50.000 Mtr.
5 Fixing of cable along the length of O.H.pole incl. S & F MS Pole clamps fabricated from 25 mm X 6 mm MS flat incl. Painting. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-F-1/I-4 827.000 Mtr.
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