Supply And Installation Of Led Street Lights At Uttar Buxarah Pan Para From Prabal Sen To Debu Pan Via Pan Para Amra Sobai Club And Ajit Kr Mondal To Sri Dhananjoy Dev Under Ward No.45 Of Hmc.


India, West Bengal, hoigebazar



Last Date For Submission

15 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

15 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 14 | Total Qty : 1252
# Item Quantity Units
1 Erection of single steel Tubular pole of length as given below with /without sole plate & cap etc. in C.C. foundation (Proportion and dimension indicated below). having 600 x 600 x 150 mm. thick C.C. (4:2:1) base block below sole plate/pole with hard jhama metal incl. C.C (6:3:1) muffing 0.30 Mt.dia and 0.30 Mt above ground level incl.3mm thick neat cemented finished and G.I. earth bolt after making drilled holes etc.on pole & Carriage of pole upto 1.6 Km from store to work site incl. filling up the excavated earth pit with shifted soil and ramming properly.Pole upto 9 Mts. Size- 0.6 x 0.6 x 1.70 Mts Ref:PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-1/I-1 8.000 Nos
2 Distribution wiring for street light on pole for outdoor fluorescent / SV / MV light fitting with 2 x 1 / 1.40 PVC insulated and sheathed wire (single core) in 15 mm dia GI pipe (ISI-Medium) without control switch, incl. fitting and fixing the light fitting by providing 32 mm dia GI pipe bracket of length 1.05 mts., on pole incl. S&F suitable MS flat clamps with bolts, nuts etc. as required and painting. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-5/I-H(2) 23.000 Nos
3 Supplying & fixing GI waterproof type looping cable box size 200 x 150 x 100mm deep having 4mm thick comprising of one 250Volts 15 A Kit-kat fuse unit, one NL on porcelain insulator, one compression type brass cable gland for upto 2 core 16 sqmm PVC/A cable and having lined with rubber gasketted CI top cover with brass machine screws etc. earthing terminal with lug,on steel tubular pole near base, incl. S & F 40 x 6 mm thick, MS clamps with bolts, nuts etc.incl.painting with anticorrosive paint. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-5/I-H(5) 23.000 Nos
4 Painting of steel tubular pole of length and no.of coats of paint, as given below with ready mixed paint/primer of approved make, and brand incl.prepartion of surface by sand paper/emery paper,cleaning etc.for receiving fresh coat of paint upto 9 Mts. long pole:- 2 coats of Aluminium Paint over 1(one) coat of R.O.priming. Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-2/I-4 8.000 Nos
5 Painting Block Letters or Digits within a circle/square as required, with "Black Japan" paint of approved make & brand, the size of letters and digits as given below: Size 50 mm and upto75 mm Ref: PWD/Elec.works/2017/P-H-2/I-6(b) 24.000 Nos
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