Supply And Fixing Of Tent Material For Various Programs And Hospitality - Tent Fabricator 15x15 Feet, Tent Raincoat 15x15 Feet, Qanat 15x6 Feet, Carriage 8x10 Feet, Gadella May Sheet, Pillow, Sheet, Foam Mattress, Quilt, Carpet Green/red, Sofa Chair 2 Person May Kanwar, Sofa Chair 1 Man Maya Kanwar, Chair Or Plastic, Vip Sofa, Mansad, Table, Big Board, Chambers Of Water, Kul Chhota, Jumbo Kuller Big, Screen, Table Cover, Bamboo / Bales, Moonlight, Pipe Paddle 10 To 12 Feet Height, Fan Pedestal, Welcome Door Trust, Stage, Berry Catching Running Meter In, Stage Waterproof, Large Wooden Plank, Flower Decoration (artificial), Sidewall (open Gathering), Bed, Waterproof Structure, Balloon Decoration, Vip Tea Table Cover, Vip Stage Bengali Pattern, Bucket With Spoon, Dhama, Tray

Tendering Authority: Deputy commissioner

India, Rajasthan, Asind



Last Date For Submission

16 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

16 Aug, 2022

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