Strengthening Of Road From Premtala To Kanchanpur-jalabassa Road Via Battala Under Ridf-xxviii Of Nabard

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Tripura, Kanchanpur



Last Date For Submission

20 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

20 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 36 | Total Qty : 45239.96
# Item Quantity Units
1 Clearing Grass and Removal of Rubbish Clearing grass and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 30 m outside the periphery of the area as per MoRD Technical Specification Clause 201. By manual means 2.470 hectare
2 Scarifying Existing Bituminous Surface to a depth of 150 mm by Mechanical Means Scarifying Existing bituminous Road Surface by mechanical means to a Depth of 150 mm and disposal of scarified material with a lift upto 3 m and leads upto 1000 m as per MoRD Technical Specification Clause 301.4. 16071.300 sqm
3 Excavation for Structures Without dewatering. Earthwork in excavation for structures as per drawing and MoRD technical specifications Clause 305.1 including setting out, construction of shoring & bracing, removal of stumps & other deleterious material and disposal upto a lead of 50 m, dressing of sides & bottom and backfilling in trenches with excavated suitable material. Ordinary Soil Upto 3 m depth 479.070 cum
4 Filling in foundation trenches as per drawing & MoRD technical specification Clause 305.3.9, 1200. Sand filling 159.690 cum
5 Providing concrete for plain concrete (using jhama brick aggregate) in open foundations complete including formwork as per drawings & MoRD technical specifications Clauses 802, 803, 900, 1202 and 1203. (including centering, shuttering, staging etc. but excluding reinforcement) P.C.C grade M 10 (using jhama brick aggregate) Nominal mix 1:3:6 137.300 cum
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