Strengthening Of Road From Bartatalla Panchayat Baratall Gramin (l-2.733km)


India, Jharkhand, PAKUR



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 24 | Total Qty : 14385558.070100002
# Item Quantity Units
1 Clearing grass and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 50 metres outside the periphery of the area as per Technical Specification Clause 201. 0.5500 Ha
2 Dismantling of cement concrete pavement by mechanical means using pneumatic tools, breaking to pieces not exceeding 0.02 cum in volume and stock piling at designated locations and disposal of dismantled materials up to a alead of 1000 metres, stackiung serviceable and unserviceable materials separately. as per Technical Specification Clause 202. 37.0600 M3
3 Compacting original ground supporting subgrade (Loosening of the ground upto a level of500 mm below the subgrade level, watered, graded and compacted in layers to meet requirement of table 300-2 for subgrade construction.) 593.1000 M3
4 Construction of sub-grade and earthen shoulders with approved material obtained from Borrow pits with approved material obtained from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of Table 300-2. 2511.3600 M3
5 Construction of granular sub-base by providing close graded material, spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with front end loader at OMC, and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per clause 401. (By Mix in Place Method) With Grading-III Material 319.4800 M3
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