Sringinari Sripatpur To Jamunaha Kala Tak Road

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Uttar Pradesh, Basti



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 5 | Total Qty : 36026
# Item Quantity Units
1 Providing and laying 5.00 cm avg. compacted thickness of stone aggregates of specific sizes 22.4-53 mm of water bound macadam specification incluidng spreading in uniform thickness hand packing rolling with smooth wheel roller 80-100 KN in stages to proper grade and camber applying and brooming stone dust to fill-up the interstices of coarse aggregate watering and compacting to the required dencity grading -3 as per technical specification clause 405 including cost of material , roller, cartage ,loading, unloading ,labour and all taxes complete or as per direction of Engineer in charge. 25.00 Cum
2 Providing and applying tack coat with bitumen using bitumen pressure distributor on the prepared bituminous surface cleaned with Hydraulic broom as per Technical Speicification Clause 503 (including maxphalt) 12000.00 Sqm
3 Providing, laying and rolling of open-grade premix carpet of 20mm thickness composed of (Aggregate (a) Nominal stone size 13.2 mm (passing 22.4 mm sieve and retained on 11.2 mm sieve 0.18 cum. (b) Nominal stone size 11.2 mm (passing 13.2 mm sieve and retained on 5.6 mm sieve-0.09 cum) using VG-10 bituminious binder @ 1.46 kg / sqm H.P.C./I.O.C. make complying with IRC:Sp 53 to reqired line, grade and level to serve as waearing course on a previously Prepared base, including mixing in a suitable plant, laying and rolling with a three wheel 80-100kN static roller capacity finished to required lavel and grades to be followed by seal coat of Type C including cost of all materials., labour, T&P etc required for proper completion as per Technical Specification Clause 508 of MORD specification. (including maxphalt) 12000.00 Sqm
4 Providing and applying seal coat type "C" comprising of a layer of bituminous binder followed by a cover of stone chipping of specified grading and rolling with power roller 8-10 tonne kN Static roller and finishing to required level and grades as per Technical Specification Clause 510. (including maxphalt) 12000.00 Sqm
5 G.S.T. @ 12% of executed work as applicable on sanction G.O. Term. 1.00 Cum
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