Special Repair Various Wss Under Jal Shakti Sub Division Killar (sh L/j In Trenches Of Hdpe Pipe 75 Mm 63mm Etc

Tendering Authority: Irrigation And Public Health Department

India, Himachal Pradesh, Chamba



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 5 | Total Qty : 2794
# Item Quantity Units
1 Excavation in foundation, trenches etc. in earth work, in all classification of soil such as pick work, jumper work, soft or hard rock, chiseling/wedging out of rock where blasting work is prohibited lift up to any height Staking and exacavated soil up to any lead clear from the edges of excavation and then returning teh stocked soil any thickness of layer, when required into plinth sides of foundations, consolidated each deposited layer with in all leads and lifts. 594.00 Cum
2 Providing Laying and jointing in tranches HDPE pipe (P.E 80 P.N10 ) tube fittings (Earth work in trenches to be measured and paid for separately) including all carriage of materials with in all leads and lifts and other incidentials as per th direction of Engineer in charge.
3 I) HDPE Pipe 75 mm dia Line 1-2 at RD 0/0 to 0/200 200.00 Rmt
4 ii) HDPE Pipe 63mm Dia Line 1-2 at RD 0/0 to 0/500 , line 25-28 RD 0/0 to 0/400, Line 5-3 RD 0/0 to 0/500 1400.00 Rmt
5 iii) HDPE Pipe50 mm Dia Line 2-3 at RD 0/0 to 0/600 600.00 Rmt
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