Special Repair To Basasahi To Adhangapal Road Under Amp For 2022-23

Tendering Authority: Department of Rural Development

India, Odisha, Keonjhar



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 18 | Total Qty : 893.3499999999999
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling and removing of RCC column, beams, slabs, staire case, landing, lintels including stacking the useful materials for reuse and disposal of debris within 50 m lead etc. complete as per direcion of the Engineer-in-Charge. 20.25 Cum
2 Dismantling of R.R. Stone Masonry in cement moratar including stacking the Debris etc. complete as per direcion of the Engineer-in-Charge. 26.73 Cum
3 Earth work in excavation of foundation in all kinds of soil withinin initial lead and lifts including shoring, shuttering, dewtering, dressing and levelling the bed and depositing the excavated materials away from the working area with all lead & lifts as per specification & direction of the Engineer-in-charge. 209.57 Cum
4 Supplying & filling good clean river sand in foundation trench including watering to complete saturation and ramming complete with all leads and lifts including cost, conveyance royalty and taxes of all materials and cost of all labour and T&P required for the work complete (measurement will be taken for compacted section as per direction of Engineer-in-charge). 33.72 Cum
5 Cement concrete (1:3:6) in foundation & plinth with 4cm. size crusher broken hard granite broken metal of approved quality from approved quarry including hoisting lowering & laying in layers not exceeding 150mm thick with proper packing & ramming each layer of concrete by means of vibrator including curing, dewatering, shoring, shuttering if necessary at the time of laying concrete with cost, conveyance royality & taxes of all material required for the work including supplying & working pumps, T&P articles finishing the exposed surface smooth as per specific ation & direction of the Engineer-in Charge providing groove & beads where necessary complete in all respects. ( In foundation ) 27.93 Cum
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