Special Repair Of Existing Internal Road At Tuensang Garrison


India, Nagaland, Tuensang



Last Date For Submission

05 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

05 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 9 | Total Qty : 27945.5
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (Hydraulic excavator)/ manual means in foundation trenches or drains (not exceeding 1.5 m in bottoms, lift upto 1.5m, including getting out the excavated soil and disposal of surplus excavated soil as directed, within a lead of 50m. All kinds of soil. 553.50 Cum
2 Preparation and consolidation of sub grade with power road roller of 8 to 12 tonne capacity after excavating earth to an average of 22.5 cm depth, dressing to camber and consolidating with road roller including making good the undulations etc. and re-rolling the sub grade and disposal of surplus earth with lead up to 50 meters. 1845.00 Sqm
3 Supply and Stacking at site 63 mm to 45 mm stone aggregate 461.25 Cum
4 Laying, spreading and compacting stone aggregate of specified sizes to WBM specifications in uniform thickness,hand picking, rolling with 3 wheeled road / vibratory roller 8-10 tonne capacity in stages to proper grade and camber, applying and brooming requisite type of screening/ binding material to fill up interstices of coarse aggregate, watering and compacting to the required density. 461.25 Cum
5 Supplying, stacking and spreading 6 mm thick red Bagri, watering and rolling complete including preparation of the surface and rolling. With road roller/ hand roller. 6150.00 Sqm
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