Sl5.construction Of Civil Works Of Dandrabahal In Patnagarh Block (bgr-14)

Tendering Authority: Minor Irrigation Department

India, Odisha, Patnagarh



Last Date For Submission

27 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

27 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 16 | Total Qty : 1984.24
# Item Quantity Units
1 Name of Work Construction Of Civil Works of Dandrabahal MIP in Patnagarh Block(BGR-14)
2 Clearing and grubbing jungles including uprooting tank vegetation, grass bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees of girth up to 300mm, removal of stumps of trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviciable material and stacking of useful materials with supply of all labour T & P and all taxes as per prevailing norm etc. complete as directed by the Engineer-in-charge. 9,690.00 Sqm
3 Excavation of foundation to proper profile in all kinds of soil with all leads and lifts including dressing and leveling the bed to proper slope and level and making it fit for laying concrete and depositing the excavated materials clear of work site within all leads and lifts etc including dewatering from foundation if necessary etc with supply of all labour, all taxes as per prevailing norm and T&P required for the work etc complete in all respects as directed by the Engineer-in-charge. 347.16 Cum
4 Excavation, loading, unloading and carriage by mechanical means of all kinds of soil including stony earth, gravel and moorum etc. interspread with boulders up to 1/2 cum size with all lifts and delifts including dressing of slopes and bed to design level & section ( benching & stripping of Dam )and depositing the excavated materials away from the work site as per the specification from the place of excavation including supply of all labour, all taxes as per norm, construction & maintaining haul roads required for the work etc. complete as directed by the Engineer-in-charge. 2,088.00 Cum
5 Excavation of the approved type of soil in approved borrow area by mechanical means, loading into and transportation by mechanical means and unloading the soil within 1 km lead on properly prepared and scientifically approved surface including spreading & levelling the earth in layers of 22.5cm thick to make ready for watering and compaction with dozers/ modern vibratory rollers or compactors but excluding watering & compaction in dams and dykes for all heights including construction, maintenance, watering and lighting of haul road and borrow area etc. complete as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. (Measurement of the fill to be taken on the finished compacted section under O M C condition). 11,444.92 Cum
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