Rough Cost Estimate Upgradtion Of Vkc For Establish Of E-library At Village Brasari Block N.chopta

Tendering Authority: Haryana Government

India, Haryana, Sirsa



Last Date For Submission

14 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

14 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 2 | Total Qty : 94.1
# Item Quantity Units
1 NS Itmes
2 [9.47.3]Providing and fixing tiled false ceiling of specified materials of size 595x595 mm in true horizontal level, suspended on inter locking metal grid of hot dipped galvanized steel sections ( galvanized @ 120 grams/ sqm, both side inclusive) consisting of main `T` runner with suitably spaced joints to get required length and of size 24x38 mm made from 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet, spaced at 1200 mm centre to centre and cross `T` of size 24x25 mm made of 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet, 1200 mm long spaced between main `T` at 600 mm centre to centre to form a grid of 1200x600 mm and secondary cross `T` of length 600 mm and size 24x25 mm made of 0.30 mm thick (minimum) sheet to be interlocked at middle of the 1200x600 mm panel to form grids of 600x600 mm and wall angle of size 24x24x0.3 mm and laying false ceiling tiles of approved texture in the grid including, required cutting/making, opening for services like diffusers, grills, light fittings, fixtures, smoke detectors etc. Main `T` runners to be suspended from ceiling using GI slotted cleats of size 27 x 37 x 25 x1.6 mm fixed to ceiling with 12.5 mm dia and 50 mm long dash fasteners, 4 mm GI adjustable rods with galvanised butterfly level clips of size 85 x 30 x 0.8 mm spaced at 1200 mm centre to centre along main T, bottom exposed width of 24 mm of all T-sections shall be pre-painted with polyester paint, all complete for all heights as per specifications, drawings and as directed by Engineer-in-charge. 3. 12.5 mm thick square edge PVC Laminated Gypsum Tile of size 595x595 mm, made of Gypsum plasterboard, manufactured from natural gypsum as per IS 2095 part I and laminated with white 0.16mm thick fire retardant PVC film on the face side and 12micron metalized polyester on the back side with all edges sealed with the face side PVC film which goes around and wraps the edges and is bonded to the edges and the back side metalized polyester film so as to make the tile a completely sealed unit. Through Rate 94.10 Sqm
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