Road Safety Of Jagadhri Workshop Road (id 428) Km 0.00 To 0.27 In Yamuna Nagar District

Tendering Authority: Haryana Government

India, Haryana, YAMUNA NAGAR



Last Date For Submission

18 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

18 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 11 | Total Qty : 2514.75
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling Stone Pitching or Soling (HSR 8.2) b) Stone pitching laid dry, but grouted with natural slit and clay (Removing of existing center verge i.e Kerb) 60.75 Cum (Per cubic metre)
2 Wrought iron & mild steel (using angles, flats, square bars, tees & channels) ladders, grills, gratting frames, window guards, iron doors openable or fixed stair case or parapet or any other type of railing, gates & tree guards etc., including cost of screws & welding rods or bolts & nuts complete fixed in position (HSR 18.12) 135.00 Qtl. (Per Quaintal)
3 Painting two coats including priming coat with ready-mixed paint formetallic surfaces in all shades on new steel or iron work (HSR 16.17+16.9) 653.40 Sqm. (Per square metre)
4 Pre-cast cement concrete 1:2:4 with stone aggregate 20mm nominal size in kerbs & the like items, finished smooth with 6mm thick cement plaster 1:3 on exposed surface including form work, placing & fixing in position, complete at the ground level or in first storey. (HSR 10.77) (-) 15.1 48.60 Cum (Per cubic metre)
5 Earth filling with all lead and lift in center verge complete in all respect and to the entire satisfaction of Engineer-in-charge (NS) 186.30 Cum (Per cubic metre)
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