Retrofitting To Pwss Scheme At Village Nandiwali Tal Khed Dist Ratnagiri

Tendering Authority: PANCHAYAT SAMITI

India, Maharashtra, Ratnagiri



Last Date For Submission

27 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

27 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 391 | Total Qty : 68685.15999999997
# Item Quantity Units
1 Vitthalwadi 1.00 Nos
2 SUB ESTIMATE NO.1: RCC GSR 14000 lit 1.00 Nos
3 Item No.1:Designing (aesthetically), and constructing RCC elevated service reservoirs of following capacity with RCC staging consisting of columns, internal and external bracings spaced vertically not more than 4.5 metres centre to centre for ESR having capacity upto 500 cum and not more than 6 m c/c for ESRs having capacity above 500 Cum including excavation in all types of strata, foundation concrete, cement plaster with water proofing compound to the inside face of the container including refilling disposing off the surplus stuff within a lead of 50 metres, all labour and material charges including lowering, laying, erecting, hoisting and jointing of pipe assembly of inlet, outlet, washout, overflow and bypass arrangements as per departmental design, providing and fixing accessories such as M.S. ladder, C.I. manhole frame and covers, water level indicators, lightening conductor, G.I. pipe railing around walk way and top slab, providing spiral stair case from ground level to roof level, M.S. grill gate of 2 M height with locking arrangement of approved design, B.B. masonry chambers for all valves, ventilating shafts, providing and applying three coats of cement paint to the structure including roof slab, epoxy painting to internal surface and anti- termite treatment for underground parts of the structure and giving satisfactory water tightness test as per I.S. code. The job to include painting the name of the scheme and other details on the reservoir as per the directions of Engineer-in-Charge.requirements and detailed specifications. 1.00 Nos
4 RCC GSR 14000 LIT 1.00 Lit
5 Item No.2;-Providing ISI mark GI. pipe of following class and dia. excluding GST levied by GOI & GOM in all respect, inspection charges, transportation to stores, etc. complete as per IS-1239/2004. 1.00 NOs
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