request for proposal for supply of spares of mafi spares (125 lines spares) - operator i/f unit, riu for tx, voice announcer unit, time server), symmetricom sync server, riu extn-t, receiver, tr unit, bcpsu, pre selector, replacement milspec, connector, control unit, distributor drive, unit, impedance matching, unit, input/output unit, central processing, unit, test signal, generator, local status, indicator, system interface, antenna interface, keyer interface, low power amplifier, ad 255 version), pulse filter, remote status panel, dual), glidepath pow. ampl., rms ass, remote control ass., rem ctrl. a., remp front. p., service kit assembly ska, 1229a, conn interf board, power connection, localizer power ampl, loc2-ferq. cab. ass., direct coup, llz distribution, network, llz near-field monitor, antenna, monitor combining unit, mcu), rectifier module,24v, tx contr assy, antenna feed cable, obstruction light, slave status, panel(slave panel), lf generator, keyer interface, dme hp system, interface, dme lp low power, amplifier, dme hp local status, indicator unit, fan unit, dme lp remote status, indicator, dme hp high power, amplifier, dme lp remote status, panel (dual), keyer interface, dme hp low power, amplifier, distribution unit, dme hp transfer unit, dme hp monitor rfg, dme (lp/hp) receiver, dme hp transponder, dme (lp/hp) power, supply, modem, dme distribution unit, dme lp system, interface, dme distribution box, dme lp remote, indicator unit, dme lp pre selector, remote indicator unit, dme lp monitor, dme lp transponder, backplane 3(breakout, backplane), psu back plane, txp/ mon backplane, dme lp local status, indicator unit, modem, dme lp remote status, indicator, dme lp remote status, panel, sound card, 7000-300 visibilty, sensor calibration, kit, integreated 7000-300, unit, sensor interface, cable ( 3m), intrasensor, communication cable, set, replacement milspec, connectors (spare, connector), single mode fibre, interface, lighting protechthin, units for source or, receiver, fan, filter, background, luminance sensor, moxa card nport ia, 5150-s-sc, remote display unit, rvr sensor master, controller, light source sub assy, light receiver sub, assy, heater blower assy, dc power supply, digital communication, device (data radio), digital communication, device (ethemet, converter), blmpcb, window glass heater, enclosure heater, assembly, transmitter side, signal processing pcb, receiver side signal, processing pcb, main photo detector, pcb, reference detector, assembly, optical unit, transmitter side, crio data acquisition, system, calibration kit, ethemet (rs-485) serial, convertor, pin unit (diode switch), remote control, assembly, nimh battery pack, control unti, distributor drive unit, central processing, unit, lcd display unit, system interface, monitor, antenna monitor and, control unit, local status, indicator/dual (lsi), fan unit, receiver, antenna interface, keyer interface, ancillary interface), distribution (control, and indicator unit), main power supply, high power amplifier, transponder (rf unit)

Tendering Authority: Indian Air Force

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2021

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2021

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