Replacement Of Old Wiring And Switches In Type-ii House In Sector- 36-a, Bbmb, Chandigarh.


India, Punjab, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

26 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

26 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 RECESSED HDPE PIPE WIRING SYSTEM WITH FLUSH PIANO TYPE SWITCHES: Wiring in PVC insulated copper conductor single core FR cable (ISI marked), overall 1.5sq. mm, 1100volts grade to be laid in HDPE conduit pipe 20mm/25mm dia. (ISI Marked), recessed in wall etc., complete with powder coated/anodized concealed metal boxes (1.6mm thick with Brass lugs) required for having (Flush/ Piano type accessories) Step type electronic fan regulators 100watts (socket size), bell push, 5Pin 6Amp. sockets(4Module Box), 16Amp. universal sockets (6Module Box), 6/16/20Amp. Switches etc. and covered with brown bakelite white glazed translucent backside painted sheet 3mm thick etc., PVC connector (For Fan Box and Call Bell), Steel Hooks, Sheet metal fan box (1.6mm thick shape hexagonal), Circular junction Boxes (Four way PVC 1 " deep for walls and CI 3" deep for ceiling), bonding to earth with PVC insulated copper conductor single core FR cable (ISI marked) 1sq. mm, 1100volts grade (For 6Amp. wall socket & plug control point) and other petty material etc., including the cost of above material, cutting and filling up of chases (with finishing the surface):- As per CSR 34.06 (i) (a) Wiring fan point (Without fan box) 153.00 each
2 (ii) Wiring light point.As per CSR 34.06 (ii) 612.00 No.
3 (iii) Wiring call-bell point. As per CSR 34.06 (iii) 51.00 No.
4 (iv) Wiring 6Amp. wall socket point. As per CSR 34.06 (iv) 459.00 No.
5 (vi) Wiring 16/20Amp. power plug control point.As per CSR 34.06 (vi) 255.00 No.
6 (viii) Wiring light point with double control switches.As per CSR 34.06 (viii) 51.00 Nos
7 MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Supply and erection of Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB's for circuit protection against overload and short circuit current fault suitable for 240/ 415 volts 50cycles AC supply with breaking capacity of 10kA, Curve-C and low watt losses as per IS/IEC 60898-1, energy limitation class-3, true contact indication, label holder facility in the existing MCB distribution board as per PWD General Specifications including connections with suitable size of thimbles/lugs as per CSR 34.16 A:-(ii) MCB Single Pole 6-32amp. (10kA, Curve-C). 408.00 Nos
8 (viii) MCB Double Pole 50, 63amp. (10kA, Curve-C).CSR 34.16 A:-(viii). 102.00 Nos
9 RCBO's: Supply and erection of RCBO (Residual Current Breaker Overload) for Earth leakage, overload and short circuit protection suitable for 240/415 volts 50 cycles AC supply with breaking capacity of 10kA as per IEC 61009 in the existing MCB distribution board as per PWD General Specifications including connections with suitable size of thimbles/lugs:-CSR item No. 34.16 B (iv) RCBO Double Pole 63amp., Sensitivity 30mA. 51.00 Nos
10 SHEET METAL DOUBLE DOOR DISTRIBUTION BOARD FOR MCB's/ RCBO's/ RCCB's: Supply and erection of sheet metal Double Door Distribution Boards IP 43- IK09 metal door (dust protected) as per IS 8623-1&3, IEC 61439-1&3 suitable for flush mounting with fully insulated copper busbars, shrouded neutral bars, earth bars, cement spill protector, color coded interconnecting wire set, cable ties, blanking plates and circuit identifications label and of required no. of ways for mounting miniature circuit breakers/ RCBO's/ RCCB's in the distribution board (For SP&N distribution board with provision DP MCB's/ RCCB's/ RCBO's as incomer and SP MCB's as outgoings and for TP&N horizontal distribution board with provision TPN/ FP MCB's/ RCCB's/RCBO's as incomer and SP MCB's as outgoings) as per PWD General specifications including connections with suitable size of thimbles and bonding to existing earth etc:-CSR item No. 34.17 (xi) TP&N Vertical Double Door Distribution Board 12 way each. 51.00 Nos
11 PVC INSULATED FR COPPER CONDUCTOR CABLES: Supply and erection of PVC insulated FR single core Unsheathed copper conductor cable (ISI marked) suitable upto 1100 volts grade confirm to IS:694/1990 left bare in pipe or casing of suitable size complete in all respect as desired by the Engineer-in-charge:-CSR Item No. 34.09. (i) Overall size 1sq.mm (Un-sheathed) 2805.00 Mtr.
12 (iv) Overall size 4sq.mm (Un-sheathed).CSR Item No. 34.09 (iv) 5610.00 Mtr.
13 Scrapping (a) White wash and colour wash.CSR item No. 8.31 7808.28 Sqm.
14 Preparation of plastered or concrete surface for painting (including sand papering the surface) using ready mixed cement based wall putty by applying two or more coats to get required finish CSR Item No. 16.65. 4841.13 Sqm.
15 Distempering with Acrylic washable oil bound distemper (of approved manufacture) two or more coats on old distempered work when shade is changed. CSR item No.16.12 15616.56 Sqm.
16 DISMANTLING WIRING POINTS & FITTINGS: Dismantling old wiring points including necessary repairs to wall etc:-. CSR item No. 34.39 (i) Fan, light or call bell point 816.00 each
17 (ii) Wall socket, power plug point. CSR item No. 34.39 (ii) 510.00 each
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