Replacement And Repairing Of Roof Treatment Work With App Membrane In Blk. Nos. B/1, B/2, C/1, C/2, C/3, C/4, C/5, D/1, D/2, D/3, D/4 I.e. 11 Nos. And Pump Room, Pump Man Qtr. And Maintenance Office At Rhe Contai, Purba Medinipur.

Tendering Authority: HOUSING DIRECTORATE

India, West Bengal, Purba Medinipur



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 6014.437
# Item Quantity Units
1 Taking out old damaged tarfelt from the roof, parapet etc. preparing the roof surfaces by removing all spoils, blisters, moss etc. from the working site and disposal of the same beyond the compound and cleaning the site in all respect as per direction of Engineer-in-Charge. All floor 2201.25 sqm
2 Plaster (to wall, floor, ceiling etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering corners as directed and raking out joints including throating, nosing and drip course,scaffolding/staging where necessary (Ground floor).[Excluding cost of chipping over concrete surface] (ii) With 1:4 cement mortar (a) 20 mm thick plaster 1448.81 sqm
3 Ground floor roof Pump Man's Qtr. 45.53 sqm
4 1st floor roof 85.99 sqm
5 Supplying & laying 3mm thick pre-fabricated plastomeric water proofing membrane conforming to EN 12311-1 & ASTMD 5147, manufactured with atactic poly propylene (APP) modified premium grade asphalt , specially reinforced with non-woven polyester core with polyester reinforcement @160 gms per sqm & both faces covered with thermo-fusible polyethylene film /MineraL on top face over a coat of primer @ 0.40 lit/sqm of manufacturer's specification on smooth,clean dry surface prepared wherever required.Lap joint shall be provided of 75 mm in longitudinal & 100 mm in transverse direction and fused using LPG/ Propane torch employing extra care ensuring full bondage, complete removal of entrapped air and sealing edges into grooves in appropriate manner as per direction of Engineer -in-charge all complete including materials,labour and applicable taxes. (Payment shall be made on the basis of finished surface area.) Membrane Property: Softening Point > 150 deg C, Cold Flexibility < -6 deg C, Tensile Strength, N/cm : 600 (longitudinal), 450 (transverse), Tearing Strength, N: 300 (longitudinal), 200 (transverse) 2201.25 sqm
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