Repairs To The Helical Coil Assembly Of 15 Lac Kcal/hr Hot Water Generator Installed In The Central Heating Plant Of Govt. Ld Hospital, Srinagar

Tendering Authority: Public Works Department

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar



Last Date For Submission

12 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

12 Dec, 2022

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1 Opening Thermax Make ATHDI-15 model Hot water generator by way of disconnecting of the necessary Air, oil supply connections and removing of the main burner assembly. The job further includes dismounting of front plate, flue gas plate, diffuser assembly and combustion chamber plate after unsecrewing of the necessary nuts and bolts and thus dismounting the same with the help of skilled labour and chain block assembly of required tonnage. 1 job
2 Shifting of the 15 Lackcal/hr hot wtaer generator from the central heating plant plant to the outside premises of the plant after disassembling of the chimney, air blower assembly and disconnecting the HWG from the main header assembly of the system after cutting the supply / return pipes and shifting the hot water generator from its base foundation with the help of hydraulic crane and skilled labourer so that there is no damage to the allied acessories of the central heating plant which comes in the way of the boiler during shifting process. The job further includes setting the hot water generator in upright position and removing the helical coil from the boiler with the help of Hydraulic crane and placing the same in horizontal position for checking the leakages. The job further includes checking the leakage of the helical coil after putting the same to a pressure of 10kg/cm2 with the help of hydraulic pump after blinding of the necessary ports. 1 job
3 Cutting of the outside portion of helical coil in patches by utlising cutter at the spots where coil has become thin and prone to rupture followed by providing & welding of M.S. sheet (3 mm thick) of size exactly the same as patch which had been cut with the cutter using Advani/Adore electrodes. The job further includes testing of the repaired heclical coil to a pressure test for a period of 24 hrs with the help of hydraulic pump. The job further includes reftting of the coil in the hot water generator and shifting the HWG to the boiler house for reinstallation the same on the base foundation with the help of cranme and skill labour. 1 job
4 Replacement of refractory of 15Lac Kcal/Hr Hot Water Generator. The job includes complete removal of old damaged refractory and thorough cleaning of refractory surfaces/bases. Angle iron hooks/hold fasts shall be firmly welded to the refractory base wherever necessary and collar of the top plate shall be repaired if required. Refractory shall be laid in 'Fire Crete Super' brand castable refractory cement.
5 Back Plate Refractory 1 job
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