Repairs To Library Building At Muthulapuram

Tendering Authority: Department of Rural Development and Panchayats

India, Tamil Nadu, Theni



Last Date For Submission

31 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

31 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 9 | Total Qty : 398.72
# Item Quantity Units
1 Removing the old damaged weathering coarse with tiles 39.51 sqm
2 Finishing the top of roof with one course of Machine Pressed Tiles of size 23 cm x 23 cm x 2cm of approved quality laid in CEMENT MORTAR 1:3 (one cement and three sand) 12mm thick mixed with water proofing compound conforming to ISS by 2% weight of cement used and the joint pointed neatly to full depth of tiles with the same water proofing compound mixed with cement mortar, red oxide, etc., complete complying with standard specification. 40%& new tile 15.80 Sqm
3 60% old tiles 23.71 Sqm
4 Paving the floor with scratch proof Ceramic Tiles of any colour and any size laid in cement mortar 1:2 (one cement and two sand) 20mm thick and pointing with white cement using 0.4Kg/Sq.m. mixed with colouring pigments to suit the colour of the tiles including finishing the joints neatly complying with standard specification and as directed by departmental officers. 39.44 No
5 Supplying and delivery of PVC pipes & Specials 110mm PVC Pipe ( 4 KSC) for sewage,RWHS 8.00 Sqm
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