Repairing Of Godown No 7, 12 , 3 At Sealdah Warehouse.

Tendering Authority: West Bengal State Warehousing Corporation

India, West Bengal, Kolkata



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 20 | Total Qty : 1111.6399999999999
# Item Quantity Units
1 Taking out carefully G.C.I. or C.I. or asbestos sheets (including ridges etc.) from roof or wall after unscrewing bolts, nuts, screws etc.and stacking the material at site as directed. 112.000 SQM
2 Taking out carefully Ranigunge pattern tiles from roof stacking seviceable tiles at site and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75m. 78.000 SQM
3 Dismantling all types of masonry excepting cement concrete plain or reinforced, stacking serviceable materials at site and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75 m. a) In ground floor including roof. 5.440 CUM
4 M.S. structural works in columns, beams etc. with simple rolled structural members (e.g. joists, angle, channel sections conforming to IS: 226, IS: 808 & SP (6)- 1964 connected to one another with bracket, gussets, cleats as per design, direction of Engineer-incharge complete including cutting to requisite shape and length, fabrication with necessary bolting, metal arc welding conforming to IS: 816- 1969 & IS: 1995 using electrodes of approved make andbrand conforming to IS:814- 2004, haulage, hoisting and erection all complete. The rate includes the cost of rolled steel section, consumables such as electrodes, gas and hire charge of all tools and plants and labour required for the work including all incidental chages such as electricity charges, labour insurance charges etc. I) For structural members of specified sections weighing less than 22.5 Kg./m (50x50x4) 0.840 MT
5 Supplying, fitting and fixing single skin colour coated trapezoidal profile for wall cludding, Roof shall be made of 0.45mm BMT (Base Metal Thickness)(0.5mm TCT (Total coated thickness excluding paint), G550 (min 550 yield strength), of Zincalume metallic coating (IS15965) with high solar reflactance index (SRI) value for better colling as per thermatech technology, 1000-1015mm effective cover width with five major corrugation,28mm high rib spaced at 203mm c/c with subtle square fitting in the pan and the end rib shall have anti capillary groove and return leg. Thesteel sheet shall be fastened with 40micron zinc coated or 25micron zinc-tin alloy coated, hex head, self driling screw as per IS 3566-2002 Class 3 fastener. The base shall be coted with zinc-aluminium alloy Zincallume(AZ150)(i.e 55%Al, 4.4% Zinc, 1.6%si) minimum of 150g/m2 coating toatal on both sides, pre painted with colorband XRW (xterior roofing walling) paint system if 35micron Super Durable Polyester paint (SDP) with stable inorganic pigment with no lead contents conforming IS15965. The sheet shall be free from defects and have brand marking of the manufacturer giving product details on the back of the sheet at regular interval conforming genuinity of the material. (i) In Roof a) With 0.5mm thick sheet 310.400 SQM
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