Repair To Pot Holes And Road Furniture In Offrs Md Accn Area Under Ge Mcte Mhow

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Madhya Pradesh, MHOW



Last Date For Submission

03 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

03 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 10 | Total Qty : 2397
# Item Quantity Units
1 M&L for preparing surfaces of existing black top surface with wire brushes for removing caked mud etc and sweeping with brooms and finally fanning to clean the surfaces with gunny bags to remove all loose dirt etc and M&L for applying evenly a priming coat/tack coat with hot pressure spray using SS(slow setting) bitumen cationic emultion conforming to IS-8887/ASTMD -2397 @ 7.5 kg/10 Sqm over old bitumious surface allowing it to penetirate atleast 5 to 10mm from top surface of old bitumen and M&L for premixed hot mix Asphaltic Semi Dence (SDAC) Concrete using 5.5% binder content (VG-30 Grade paving bitumen) by weight of total mix and with thickness of 30 mm (consolidated Thickness) including rolling with 8 to 10 tonne power road roller to uniform and smooth surface and consolidation to required gradient and camber all as specified and directed. 990.00 Ten Sqm
2 Note1 : Cement shall be used as filler at mininum 2% by weight of total mix in event of variation in design mix the percentage of filler content shall be on plus side adopted. (b)SDAC shall be as per MORTH specification Note2: - (i) Laying shall be done by means of self-propelled mechanical paver, finishing with electronic sensor and hydraulic controls with suitable speed and capable of laying, spreading, tamping and finishing. (ii) Mix shall be obtained from computerized hot mix plant and spreading shall be done by using mechanical paver only) (iii) The mix shall be designed by job mix formula and approved by GE. (iv) Cost of testing charges, materials and transportation etc for job mix formula and Independent testing during execution of work shall be inclusive in the unit rate quoted and no extra payment shall be made on this account.
3 M&L for applying evently a priming coat/tack coat with hot pressure spray using RS (rapid setting) bitumen cationic emultion conformation tp IS-8887/ASTMD-2397 @ 2.5 kg/10 Sqm over bitumious maccadam/ Black top surface all as specified and directed. 990.00 Ten Sqm
4 M&L for pre mix Dense Bituminius Macadam (DBM) 75mm (Consolidated thickness) lade in single layer using 5.5% minimum binder content by weight of total mix, with paying bitumen of grade VG-30 penetraton using hot mix plant laid by using mechnical sensor paver, rolled and consolidated to required gradient and camber using vibratory/pneumatic and tanderm vibratory roller of capacity exc 8 tone but n.exceeding 12 tone capacity complete all as specified. Note: Marshal stability shall be of minium 900 kg (c) DBM shall be as per MORTH Specification as detailed in particular specition. 9.00 Cum
5 S&F in repair spring posts made of special PU (Poly Urethane) material, which can quickly restore to its original state without damaging the vehicle and itself in case of high speed colllision. Highly reflective heat transfer sheet is pasted on specially designed grooves, make it highly visible from distance at night or in bad weather. The tensile strength and UV stabilizers enables it withstand the harsheet of weather conditions. It is easy to install with an anchor fasters and all as specified and directed. 30.00 Each
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