Repair/ Renovation Work Of D-iii/1 Maurice Nagar, University Of Delhi.

Tendering Authority: Delhi University

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

30 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

30 Jan, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 55 | Total Qty : 726.1
# Item Quantity Units
1 Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to plinth level :
2 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) 0.5 cum
3 1:5:10 (1 cement : 5 coarse sand (zone-III): 10 graded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size) 0.5 cum
4 Providing and fixing 18 mm thick gang saw cut, mirror polished, premoulded and prepolished, machine cut for kitchen platforms, vanity counters, window sills, facias and similar locations of required size, approved shade, colour and texture laid over 20 mm thick base cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand), joints treated with white cement, mixed with matching pigment, epoxy touch ups, including rubbing, curing, moulding and polishing to edges to give high gloss finish etc. complete at all levels. Raj Nagar Plain white marble/ Udaipur green marble/ Zebra black marble Area of slab over 0.50 sqm 4 sqm
5 Extra for fixing marble /granite stone, over and above corresponding basic item, in facia and drops of width upto 150 mm with epoxy resin based adhesive, including cleaning etc. complete. 4 metre
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