Repair Maintenance To Road At Certain Places At Chakabama Mil Stn

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Nagaland, Kohima



Last Date For Submission

02 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

02 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 17 | Total Qty : 1121.85
# Item Quantity Units
1 Material and labour for scarifying or picking gravelled, macadam or bituminous macadam surfaces in area n. exc. 400 Sqm and depth exc. 50 mm but n.exc.100 mm deep complete all as specified and as directed. 45.00 10 Sqm
2 Material and labour for screening road metal, chippings etc on the site of work, when specially ordered including removing screened materials clear of screen and stacking in separate heaps for measuring (Materials from both sides of screen measured) complete all as specified and as directed. 13.50 Cum
3 Material and labour for 75mm thick (compacted thickness) water bound macadam (WBM) with coarse aggregates of grading 2 (63 to 40 mm size) or of grading 3 (50 to 20mm size), using granite, trap or basalt stone, spread, rolled with smooth wheeled power roller 8 to 12 tonne and consolidated to required gradient and camber complete all as specified and as directed. 27.00 10 Sqm
4 Ditto- all as per serial item No. 3 here-in- before but except material. (Note- Material retrived from item No 2 to be reused after screening.) 18.00 10 Sqm
5 Material and labour for preparing the existing black top surface with wire brushes for removing caked mud etc scraping with brooms and finally fanning with cleaned surface with gunny bags to remove all loose dirt etc and M&L for applying evenly a priming/tack coat with bituminous primer (paving bitumen) (VG-10) viscosity grade @ 5 kg per 10 Sqm completed as specified and directed. 92.00 10 Sqm
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