Repair /maintenance Of 66 Kva Yard And Connected Ht Items At Mrs Under Ge (af) No 1 Jamnagar

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Gujarat, Jamnagar



Last Date For Submission

31 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

31 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 57 | Total Qty : 731
# Item Quantity Units
1 S&F in replacement of CT unit from crompton make of HT 11 KV VCB panel, 300 Amp capacity and provn of new CT unit as per existing CG Make 11 KV HT VCB Panel trolley mounted having 2 core protection & ratio 300/1+1+1 Amps 2 core CT 1st core for metering, 2nd core for protection, Including complete connection & testing on completion, complete all as specified and as directed. 2.00 Each
2 M & L in repairs civil work for extention of cable trench from old panel room to new panel room (in same sub stn) by cutting existing PCC/Kota stone flooring for making cable duct of size 600 mm x 900mm depth fair finished complete all as directed & as per standard procedure. 10.00 RM
3 S&F in replacement of MS chequered plate 5 mm thick as per cover for cable duct duly painted both side with two coats of synthetic enamelled paint over a coat of red oxide & with provn of lifting handle on both side in each piece of size 1 mtr x 0.8 mtr complete all as specified and as directed. 20.00 Each
4 Material and labour for installation, testing and commissioning of earthing using following material including necessary T&P required to complete job for earthing, excavation etc. Make:- Powertrac Model No-PT-803 or equivalent of make PRAGATI/ McML's Earthing Solution (MES)/ Ashlock (a) 'CHEMO' M.F. Earthing Electrode (conforming to IS 3043:1987) of copper, 3.00 metre long, 80 mm outer dia, copper inner strip of size 50 x 6 mm thick, pipe filled with SRIP compound (50 kg per earthing electrode) (b) FRP based earthing display board with support stand FRP coated width-254 mm, length-380mm, height-610 mm (c) PCC earthing protection chamber of internal size 300x300x300mm with 120mm thick wall thickness for each earthing pit in PCC 1:2:4 type B-1 and RCC 1:2:4, type B1 for precast chamber cover 50 mm thick, reinforced with welded steel wire fabric or XPM Jali (weight not less than 4.00 kg/sqm) Note:- (i) Earthwork in any type of soil, installation of complete earthing system will be carried out in presence of company's authorised tradesmen/ representative. 4.00 Each Set
5 (ii) Item rate quoted by contractor shall include for 250 mm dia bore upto 5 metre deep and pouring, mixing of SRIP compound with soil. (iii) Drawing for single bore earthing is enclosed. (d) The earthing result will be obtained for each electrode must be less than 1 . Otherwise contractor is liable to do chemical earthing to meet the result without extra cost if the results are above 1 . (e) Contractor must visit the site before quoting the tender to understand the difficulty and cost for carrying out the job in the station. It is important that contactor ascertain the quantum of work. (f) Contractor must produce the certificate from the manufacturer that chemical earthing has been carried out by manufacturer. The manufacturer must also mention the warranty for chemical earthing. (g) Extension strip from electrode strip upto 0.15 m height from GL to be deemed included in quoted rate including brazing (h) The contractor has to give in writing for 3 years minimum warranty for constant result of earth below 1 .
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