Repair And Restoration Work Of Shopping Complex Near Sastha Temple Road

Tendering Authority: Greater Cochin Development Authority

India, Kerala, Ernakulam



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 18 | Total Qty : 3657.785
# Item Quantity Units
1 Removing white or colour wash by scrapping and sand papering and preparingthe surface smooth including necessary repairs to scratches etc. complete 784.049 sqm
2 Finishing walls with Acrylic Smooth exterior paint of required shade :Old work (Two or more coat applied @ 1.67 ltr/ 10 sqm) on existing cementpaint surface 784.049 sqm
3 cleaning and acid washing the floor and dadoing of the common toilet with approved quality chemicals .rate includes all labours ,chemicals and materials used for cleaning etc ....complete 17.327 sqm
4 Providing and fixing factory made uPVC door frame made of uPVC extruded sections having an overall dimension as below (tolerance 1 mm), with wall thickness 2.0mm ( 0.2 mm), corners of the door frame to be jointed with galvanized brackets and stainless steel screws, joints mitred and plastic welded. The hinge side vertical of the frames reinforced by galvanized M.S. tube of size 19 x 19 mm and 1 mm ( 0.1 mm) wall thickness and 3 nos. stainless steel hinges fixed to the frame complete as per manufacturer's specification and direction of Engineer-in-chargeExtruded section profile size 48x40 mm 5.700 m
5 Providing and fixing to existing door frames24 mm thick factory made PVC door shutters made of styles and rails of a uPVC hollow section of size 59x24 mm and wall thickness 2 mm ( 0.2 mm) with inbuilt edging on both sides. The styles and rails mitred and joint at the corners by means of M.S. galvanised/plastic brackets of size 75x220 mm having wall thickness 1.0 mm and stainless steel screws. The styles of the shutter reinforced by inserting galvanised M.S. tube of size 20x20 mm and 1 mm ( 0.1 mm) wall thickness. The lock rail made up of 'H' section, a uPVC hollow section of size 100x24 mm and 2 mm ( 0.2 mm) wall thickness,fixed to the shutter styles by means of plastic/galvanised M.S. 'U' cleats. The shutter frame filled with a uPVC multi-chambered single panel of size not less than 620 mm, having over all thickness of 20 mm and 1 mm ( 0.1 mm) wall thickness. The panels filled vertically and tie bar at two places by inserting horizontally 6 mm galvanised M.S. rod and fastened with nuts and washers, complete as per manufacturer's specification and direction of Engineer-in-charge( For W.C. and bathroom door shutter). 1.576 sqm
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