Repair And Maintenance Of Sluice Gate Of Octagonal Chamber And Square Chamber Of Model Tray

Tendering Authority: BRAHMAPUTRA BOARD

India, Assam, Guwahati



Last Date For Submission

12 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

12 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 57 | Total Qty : 911.81
# Item Quantity Units
1 Half brick masonry with common burnt clay F.P.S. (non modular) bricks of class designation 7.5 in superstructure above plinth level up to floor V level. Cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement :3 coarse sand) 10.000 SQM
2 Providing and laying in position ready mixed plain cement concrete, with cement content as per approved design mix and manufactured in fully automatic batching plant and transported to site of work in transit mixer for all leads, having continuous agitated mixer, manufactured as per mix design of specified grade for plain cement concrete work, including pumping of R.M.C. from transit mixer to site of laying and curing, excluding the cost of centering, shuttering and finishing, including cost of curing, admixtures in recommended proportions as per IS : 9103 to accelerate/ retard setting of concrete, improve workability without impairing strength and durability as per direction of the Engineer in-charge. Note : 1) Excess/less cement used than specified in this item is payable / recoverable separately All works upto plinth level : M-15 grade plain cement concrete (cement content considered @ 240 kg/cum) 3.150 CUM
3 15 mm cement plaster on rough side of single or half brick wall finished with a floating coat of neat cement of mix : a) In cement mortar 1:3 30.000 SQM
4 Distempering with 1st quality acrylic distemper, having VOC (Volatile Organic Compound ) content less than 50 grams/ litre, of approved brand and manufacture, including applying additional coats wherever required, to achieve even shade and colour (One coat) 294.000 SQM
5 Painting with synthetic enamel paint of approved brand and manufacture of required colour to give an even shade : Two or more coats on new work over an under coat of suitable shade with ordinary paint of approved brand and manufacture 94.830 SQM
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