Repair And Maintenance Of Administration Block And Additional/altertion In Mt Store And Garage In Reserve Police Line, Karauli.

Tendering Authority: Rajasthan Police Housing and Construction Corporation Ltd.

India, Rajasthan, Karauli



Last Date For Submission

26 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

26 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 63 | Total Qty : 29481.4
# Item Quantity Units
1 Demolishing cement concrete manually/ by mechanical means including disposal of material within 50 metres lead as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.1: 3: 6 or richer mix. 5 Cum
2 Dismantling old plaster or skirting, raking out joints and cleaning the surface for plaster including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground within 50 meter lead. 140 Sqm
3 Renewing glass panes, with putty and nails wherever necessary: Float glass panes of thickness 4 mm Grinding of existing floor with 20 Sqm
4 Grinding of existing floor with 120 and 360 No. Carborundum stone including cost of wax polishing complete : 920 Sqm
5 Kota stone slab flooring 25 mm thick over 20 mm (average) thick base laid over and jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of the slab including rubbing and polishing complete with base of cement mortar 1 : 4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand)For area of each slab from 2001 to 5000 Sq.Cm 55 Sqm
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