Renovation Of The Building Of Design Cell Bbmb Pong Dam Site


India, Punjab, Hoshiarpur



Last Date For Submission

15 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

15 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 Stripping and stacking iron sheets of a roof including ridging, flashing, eaves boards gutters and and down pipes.CSR-8.11 1285.2 Sqm
2 Corrugated GI Sheet roofing 0.80mm thick fixed with galvanized iron J or L hooks 10mm dia, GI Limpot and bitumen washers complete excluding the cost of purling rafters and trusses.(CSR ITEM-13.18) 1235.4 Sqm
3 GI Sheet gutters 0.80mm thick semicircluar 15cm diametre including fixing with clamps and making connections with rain water pipes. CSR-13.22 185.71 mtr
4 Providing and fixing hydraulic door closer ISI mark with necessary screw etc. complete.(c) ISI DesingationNo.III 9size of door 851mm to 1000mm) CSR-17.43C 20 No.
5 Providing & fixing 100mm with plate 150mm x32mm anodized aluminum mat finish handles ISI marked on door & window frames complete in all respect as per the direction of Engineer-in-charge) CSR-17.83 25 No
6 Providing & fixing 4 stainless steel tower bolts ISI marked on door & window frames complete in all respect as per the directions of Engineer-in-charge.CSR 17.75 144 No
7 Providing and fixing glazing in aluminum door, window, ventilator shutters and partitions etc. with PVC plug/ neoprene gasket etc. complete as per the architectural drawing and the directions of engineer-in-charge.(cost of aluminum snap beading shall be paid in basic item)ii float glass panes of 4mm thickness.CSR 17.47 (ii) 22.83 Sqm
8 Providing and fixing brass 100mm mortice latch and lock with6 levers without pair of handles (best make of approved quality) for aluminum doors including necessary cutting and making good etc.complete.CSR 17.22 (v) 3 No.
9 Painting two or more coats with aluminum paint to give an even shade excluding priming coat. CSR 16.25 1366.81 sqm
10 Appling priming coat with metal primer on new steel or iron work including preparation of surface. CSR 16.20 1366.81 sqm
11 Distempering with Acrylic washable oil bound distemper (of approved manufacture) one coat over one priming coat on old distempered surface. CSR 16.11 1412.23 sqm
12 Providing and fixing in position C.I bib cock as per IS:210 with stainless steel spindle of approved make (to the approval of Engineer-in-charge) complete in all respect. (25mm i/d) CSR 30.65 B (iii) 2 each
13 Providing and fixing PVC cistern 10 ltr capacity ISI marked IS 7231:1994 (size 32.5x47.6x15.5cm) of approved make (to the approval of the engineer-in-charge) including PVC fittings complete. CSR 30.6 A 2 Each
14 Nicking cement concrete surface (over 28 days old including preparation and laying slurry) CSR 10.31 3.51 Sqm
15 Providing and laying Anti skid ceramic floor tiles of size 300x300mm x10mm thick of 1st quality conforming to IS: 15622 of approved make incolours such as white , ivory, Grey, Fume red brown, laid on flooring skirting and dado in 12.5mm thick cement plaster 1:3 in base and jointed with @3.3kg/sqm including pointing the joints with white cement and matching pigment etc. complete white cement slurry in joints including corners angles and beading. CSR 14.72 3.51 sqm
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