Renovation Of Sewer Line At 43, Nimtala Ghat St. For Proper Disposal Of Sewage From Tagore Castle Bustee Under Ward No 24.


India, West Bengal, Kolkata



Last Date For Submission

12 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

12 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 14 | Total Qty : 243.86175
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supplying at site and laying salt glazed stoneware pipe including lowering the same into the trench, laying on the bed in trench in prescribed gradient, depth and alignment including cement gasket joint. (1:2). i) 375 mm. dia. 39 MTR
2 SECTION(B) - SANITARY AND DRAINAGE WORKS.(B)-(II) SOIL PIPE AND FITTINGS.(a) Original Works.(16.)Supplying, fitting and fixing with cement jointing (3:1) salt glazed stoneware pipe including excavation of earth upto 1.50 metre depth in all sorts of soil both mixed or unmixed and refilling (but excluding concreting at bottom and sides).(iii) 150 mm 11.4 MTR
3 BUILDING WORKS ( C ) BRICKWORKS, CONCRETE WORKS Etc. A. BRICK WORKS 1. Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. 72.877 SQM
4 BUILDING WORKS ( C ) Brickworks,Concrete Works etc B. CONCRETE WORKS 1. Cement concrete with graded jhama khoa (30 mm size) excluding shuttering In ground floor and foundation (b) 1:4:8 proportion 12.6768 M3
5 Construction of special inspection chamber pit of size 900mm. X 600mm. (inside measurement) without shaft with 250mm. thick cement brick work (1:4) over150mm. thick jhama cement conc. (1:4:8) bed over a layer of brick flat soling including providing 150mm. thick R.C.C. slab with ordinary cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with reinforcement as per standard drawing over the chamber, brick on edge flooring with ordinary cement concrete (mix 1:2:4) in the invert with 20mm. thick cement plaster (1:4) finished fine with 1.5 mm. thick neat cement in the inside walls and invert including supplying, fitting and fixing 450mm. dia. (15 M.T.) heavy duty R.C.P.C. cover and frame (15 M.T. load-bearing capacity) with ordinary cement concrete (mix 1:2:4) and C.I. steps (4 kg. each) including cutting hard crust, excavation, dewatering, back filling and removal of spoils but excluding shoring as per standard drawing .(depth of invert between 1.15m. to 1.80m. below G.L.) i) Average depth of invert 1.15 m. below G.L. 3 EA
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