Renovation Of Goniya M.i Scheme, Block-bariyatu, Dist-latehar


India, Jharkhand, Latehar



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 31 | Total Qty : 14878343.991999999
# Item Quantity Units
1 Jungle clearence in borrow area , building premises , flank and slopes on the roads canal and embankment by removing the grass and the jungle bushes from the top including weeding out shrubs including roots and levelling etc . Complete as per direction of E/I ( part A(2.02) (Vide item No. :- 2.02 , CIW ) 0.112 Ha
2 Labour charge for tacking out disturbed boulder from boulder pitching or rip-rap or rock toe etc. and cleaning the surface and stacking the same within a lead of 100m as per spesificaion and direction of E/I. (Vide item No. :- 7.7.41 , WRD ) 204.12 M
3 E/W in stripping by hydraulic M/c in grade A&B type of soil including morrum soil mixd with kankar , pebbels boulders , upto 300 mm size and disposal of the same along with all organic material in the country side beyond 150m upto 500 m in all by tipper including construcrion & maintenance of hall road etc all complete as per specification and direction of E/I. (Vide item No. :- , WRD ) 1622.95 M
4 E/W inexcavation and filling in canal by the hydraulic excavator as per design section in ordinary soil (vide classification of soil item - A) and making the bank with excavated earth in proper profile and clod breaking and laying earth in 225 mm layers upto 500m and all lift by tipper including construction and maintenance of haul road all complete as per specification and direction of E/I(Vide item No. :- , WRD ) 4658.97 M
5 Watering and consolidation of earth laid in 150mm to 225mm layers by manual labour with C.I. hammer to achive minimum 85% of maximum dry density including supply of water and necessary tools and plants with all leads and lifts all complete as per specification and direction of E/I.(7.1.38) 12084.57 M
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