Renovation Of Expansion Joint And Ancillary Work Of Esi B.sc Nursing College, Asansol In The District Paschim Bardhaman.


India, West Bengal, Kalyanpur



Last Date For Submission

11 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

11 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 10 | Total Qty : 285
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supplying, fitting and fixing PVC pipes of approved make of Schedule 80 (medium duty) conforming to ASTMD - 1785 and threaded to match with GI Pipes as per IS : 1239 (Part - I). with all necessary accessories, specials viz. socket, bend, tee, union, cross, elbo, nipple, longscrew, reducing socket, reducing tee, short piece etc. fitted with holder bats clamps, including cutting pipes, making threads,fitting, fixing etc. complete in all respect including cost of all necessary fittings as required,jointing materials and two coats of painting with approved paint in any position above ground. (Payment will be made on the centre line measurements of total pipe line including all specials. No separate payment will be made for accesories, specials. Payment for painting will be made seperately) 46.00 Mtr
2 supplying in 6sqmm x 3core coppersubmersiable cable of finlex make.(Test certificate should be enclosed with challan) 167.00 Mtr
3 Supplying, fitting and fixing stainless steel sink complete with waste fittings and two coats of painting of C.I. bracket(a) Sink only(b) Sink with drain board 1050 mm X 450 mm X 180 mm 5.00 nos
4 Controlled Cement concrete with well graded stone chips (20 mm graded nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement with complete design of concrete as per IS : 456 and relevant special publications, submission of job mix formula after preliminary mix design after testing of concrete cubes as per direction of Engineer-in charge. Consumption of cement will not be less than 300 Kg of cement with Super plasticiser per cubic meter of controlled concrete but actual consumption will be determined on the basis of preliminary test and job mix foumula. In ground floor and foundation. [using concrete mixture] 12.50 cum
5 In Ground Floor & foundation with Concrete mixture [ M20 Grade]
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