Reinstallation Of Earthing Arrangement System With 50 Mm Dia. Gi Pipe At Three (03) Different Location (oil Installation, Joint Kunch And Durgapur Siding Road) Along With Supply And Fixing Of Earth Busbar, Gi Hot Dip Wire Etc. And Other Allied Works


India, West Bengal, Durgapur



Last Date For Submission

12 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

12 Oct, 2022

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1 Earthing with 50 mm dia GI pipe 3.64 mm thick x 3.04 Mts. long and 1 x 4 SWG GI (Hot Dip) wire (4 Mts. long), 13 mm dia x 80 mm long GI bolts, double nuts, double washers incl. S & F 15 mm dia GI pipe protection (1 Mts. long) to be filled with bitumen partly under the ground level and partly above ground level driven to an average depth of 3.65 Mts. below the ground level as below: (a) By TATA-Medium GI pipe. 18.000 Set
2 Connecting the equipments body to earth busbar incl. S & F 50 mm x 6 mm Galvanized (Hot Dip) MS flat on wall/floor with GI saddle as required and connection to equipments with including drilling holes, bolts, nuts,washers etc. 320.000 mtr
3 Supplying & fixing earth busbar of galvanized (Hot Dip) MS flat 25 mm x 6 mm on wall having clearance of 6 mm from wall including providing drilled holes on the busbar complete with GI bolts, nuts, washers, spacing insulators etc. as required. 210.000 mtr
4 Connecting the equipments to earth busbar including S & F GI (Hot Dip) wire of size as below on wall/floor with staples buried inside wall/floor as required and making connection to equipments with bolts, nuts, washers, cable lugs etc. as required and mending good damages (a) Solid GI wire (i) No. 6 SWG. 12380.000 mtr
5 Extra for providing masonery enclosure on the top of the earth electrode of overall size 86.36 cm x 86.36 cm x 46 cm deep (below Ground level) complete with cemented brick work(1:6) of 25 cm width duly plastered with cement morter (inside) CI hinged inspection cover of size 36.56 cm x 35.56 cm with locking arrangement, GI reducer including drilling of 46 nos. 12 mm dia holes on the GI pipe. 18.000 Item
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