Rehabilitation Of Old Sewer. Sub-head- Rehabilitation Of Brick Barrel Of 1905 Mm Dia. From Kushak Nallah To Aurbindo Marg At Brigadier Hoshiyar Singh Marg.


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26 Dec, 2022

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26 Dec, 2022

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1 Rehabilitation of existing pipeline by MWSL Structural lining method including site survey, plugging and flow diversion, cleaning, pre lining CCTV, Repair of defects, pre lining measurements, designing, site preparatory work, installation of MWSL Liner, jointing, grouting, post lining CCTV and measurements, rehabilitation of Manholes, testing and commissioning and restoration of roads and surfaces all inclusive as per IndSTT. From 1750-2000mm 968.000 Metre
2 Providing and erecting 2.00 metre high temporary barricading at site; each panel of size 2.50mx2.00m made of 40x40x6mm angle iron or 50x50x3mm hollow MS tube posts/horizontal members/ bracings covered with 1.63mm thick MS sheet. The sheet shall be fixed with 30x5mm MS flat by suitable welding/riveting. The panels shall be made so that gap of 50cm above the ground is available making overall height as 2.5m. MS channel ISLC 75 @ 5.70 kg/m, 50cm long shall be provided at the bottom having oval shaped holes of size 50x25mm at both ends with 50cm long MS angle 40x40x6mm bracing. Suitable arrangement shall be made to fix the barricading to avoid from overturning by providing 250mm long expansion fasteners at both ends. The work shall be executed as per drawing/ direction of Engineer-in-Charge which includes writing and painting, arrangement for traffic diversion such as traffic signals during construction at site for day and night, glow lamps, reflective signs, marking, flags, caution tape as directed by the Engineer-in-Charge. The barricading provided shall be retained in position at site continuously i/c shifting of barricading from one location to another location as many times as required during the execution of the entire work till its completion. Rate include its maintenance for damages, painting, all incidentals, labour materials, equipments and works required to execute the job. The barricading shall not be removed without prior approval of Engineer-in-Charge. (Note:-One time payment shall be made for providing barricading from start of work till completion of work i/c shifting. The barricading provided shall remain to be the property of the contractor on completion of The work 50.000 Metre
3 Repairing /Rectification of damaged crown of 1905mm dia. Brick barrel including necessary earth work, all lead and lift, providing close timbering, centering, shuttering, reinforcement, RCC 1:1.5:3 (1cement,1.5 coarse sand:3 stone aggregate20 mm nominal size, removal of shuttering disposal of malba, back filling and restoration of road foot path etc all complete as per specification and as directed by engineer in charge. (Steel-TMT Bars not less then70.69kg/m). 1905mm 30.000 Metre
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