Re Routing Of Existing Sewer Line Falling Initially In The Reserved Area Now Plot No E779 E780 And E781 At Phase Vii Ifp Ludhiana

Tendering Authority: Department Of Industries And Commerce

India, Punjab, Ludhiana



Last Date For Submission

04 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

04 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 12 | Total Qty : 1635.8400000000001
# Item Quantity Units
1 Excavation in trenches with straight or open cutting in streets, lanes or in open area with 3D/JCB or excavator including manually dressing bed, trimming sides and side slopes for sewers and manholes to full depths as shown in drawings,including, dressing to correct sections and dewatering, provision for diversion for traffic, protection of existing services i.e. telephone cables, electric lines, water supply lines and gas lines etc. night signals, profiles, pegs, sight rails, boning rods, watching, etc., fixing and maintenance of caution boards, fencing, refilling trenches, watering, ramming and restoration of surface to original level and removal of surplus spoil from the site of works, upto one chain (15m) complete in all respects.
2 Depth not exceeding 3 m. BGL in all type of soil. 383.18 Cum
3 (b) For depth exceeding 3.00 m but not exceeding 4.5 B.G.L in all type of soil. 123.05 Cum
4 Constructing brick masonry manhole in cement mortar 1:5 ( 1 cement : 5 coarse sand ) R.C.C. top slab 20cm thick using M-20 mix by using mixer and vibrator, TMT Fe500 @ 80.00 kg/per cum, foundation concrete 1:4:8 mix (1 cement: 4 coarse sand : 8 graded stone aggregate 40mm nominal size) inside plastering 12mm thick with cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement: 3 coarse sand) finished with floating coat of neat cement and making 40mm thick benching in cement concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20mm nominal size) finished with a floating coat of neat cement, Orange coloured PVC steps including RCC cover with frame complete as per standard design complete in all respects.(a) Inside size 90x150 cm and 120 cm deep. 5.00 Each
5 Extra payable for every 0.30 m additional depth of manhole chamber in item 29.55 upto 1.80 m increase in depth. (b) Inside size 90x150 cm 10.00 Each Depth of 0.30 m
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