rate contract for the supply of spares for electrical and mechanical system and gas refilling in fire system - 3 phase voltage monitoring relay, acb 1000 a 3p moving part, acb communication module e1-6, acb fixed part, acb indicator trip-electr.i1/4, acb measuring module int .low e1-6, acb motor operator, acb shunt closing release, acb shunt open release, acb under voltage relay, annuniciator : ann minilec mbas 0600 1d-, win smal with t/a/r pb wth rs485 prt aux-20-60 v ac/dc facia-red -1 0b 8s p0 wth rs 485 prt, aux contactor, auxilary contact, battery charger, breaker control switch, contactor, dc analog ammeter, dc analog voltmeter, diesel level controller : desl level cntrlr with sensng prob(1 mtr.).aux.supply 9-30v dc, rs-485 port,, 20ma o/p and relay o/p - capvel, digital 3 phase ammeter 3p 4w, digital 3 phase voltmeter, electronic timer, hooters, mccb, measuring current transformer, measuring current transformer : 1 core 800a/1a cl-ps rct-# 5 ohm imag-30ma@vk/2 vk>=200 volts min. bpl id-105x42 mm cast resin with insert, measuring current transformer, multi function meter, multi function meter : em 6400 load manager 1.0 96x96 mm with port 44-300vac/dc -30002012 ,cl : 1.0,model: conzerv, em6400,50 ma to 6a,item code;30002012, multifunction electronic timer, protection relay : relay p154 feeder prot.relay aux.- 24-230v ac-dc, 6 bi+6 bo (c/o) eia rs 485 only iec 60870-5+103-modbus flush mounting standard - p154111a1a0010a, protective rectifier, rear terminal, rear terminal, timer, earth leakage relay, voltmeter, ammeter, intelligent panel meter, 4p mccb, contactor, contactor, contactor, aux. contact block, over load relay, over load relay, over load relay, single phasing preventor, current transformer, current transformer, vaf meter, mccb 3p, 160a, mccb 3p, 63a, water level controller, thermal overload relay, 3pole contactor, mccb, mccb, mccb, mcb, contactor, aux contactor, auxilary contactor, battery charger, contactor, ct, energy meter, exhaust fan:hi cool exst fan 8"230 x 230 x 60mm bearng sleve/ball, mccb roh, mccb spreader, mccb spreader, mccb spreader, mfm, multi function relay : mfrz061000231relayp154federprot.relayaux.-24-230vac-dc6bi+6bo(c/o) eiars485onlyiec60870-5+103-modbusflushmountingstandard, multi function timer, over load relay, power contactor, summation ct, timer, tod meter mfm, timer, cable, dg set battery, rccb, auxilary relay, auxilary relay base, relay base, resistance for relay, copper wire, casing and capping, 4 set aa rechargable battery with charger, mcb, led, street light, tube light, down light, high bay, high mast light, led highbay luminaire, down light, skyline led street light, recess mounted iris downlighter, 5w (1 ft) led batten light eco t5 type 6500k make:panasonic, 20w (4ft) led batten light eco t5 type 6500k make:panasonic, fhc rubber beeding, fireman axe, fireman axe holder, o ring for first aid hose reel nozzle (45m x 25mm dia), o ring for single headed landing valve 63mm, air releasing ball valve, fhc door lock, fhc ball valve, fhc pressure gauge, fhc 45m hose real hose clip, anchor bolt for fhc hose drum, fhc gun metal shut off outlet nozzle, pressure switch for ( fire pump automation), foot valve rubber gasket, butterfly valve, safety release valve, nrv, rubber bellow, air release valve, 4 way raiser, needle valve, gate valve, pressure switch, rrl fire hose with ss coupling, first aid fire hose reel, branch pipe (stainless steel), butterfly valve, flow switch, fire hose reel nozzle with shut off valve, fhc window channel rubber beeding, fire hose reel ball valve., fire hydrant landing valve, bulb type recessed pendent sprinkler, bulb type up right sprinkler, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, fire hydrant air release valve, co2 flooding system refilling & refurbishment work including to and fro transportation and installation charges, general servicing and weight calibration of existingweight measuring unit including entire co2 floodingsystem with 4.5kg/9 kg /22.5 kg cylinders, servicing & refilling of co2 fire extinguisher 4.5 kg, servicing & refilling of co2 fire extinguisher 8kg /9kg, servicing & refilling of co2 fire extinguisher 22.5 kg, general servicing and weight calibration of existingauto weight measuring unit for 4.5kg /9 kg /22.5kg cylinders, general servicing and weight calibration of existinmaster control unit for 45kg /9 kg /22.5 kgcylinders, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of newco2 fire extinguisher 4.5kg with 100% gasfilled (without automatic valve), load cell suitable of for 4.5kg/9kg/22.5 kgcylinders., co2 cylinder valve 4.5kg /9 kg/22.5 kg cylinders., filling adaprer, outlet adapter, end of line adapter, pressure switch, spring top, fdt end plug with gl/8" nut, av alarm unit, fdt cross panel fitting, fdt tee fittings, 1/d adapter, flat sealing gi/8", fdt fittings (connector), prusser gauge, gas catridge type 9 ltrs cylinder, stored pressure type 9 ltrs cylinder, gas catridge type 50 ltrs cylinder, stored pressure type 50ltrs cylinder, fire alarm and detection system, manual call point with chain hammer, mcp fire hooter cum flasher, end resistor for facp zones, smoke detector wirh base, response indicators, facp battery for station, sealed lead acid battery, sealed lead acid battery, smoke detector with base, smoke detector with base, fire response indicator, fire response indicator, fire alarm hooter, fire alarm strobe, manual pull station, manual pull station, smps, smps, smps, monitor module-occ, control module, fault isolator module, relay module.


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