quotation for supply of cata spare parts of mahindra bolero camper – 091148 propeller shaft from aux gear box to front axle, 00381663 u.j cross, 027511 lower ball joint/king pin lower, 027510 upper ball joint/king pin upper, 0602ba3281 nkit, lining set (std)/rear brake lining set, 051697 fan belt, 027527 front axle shaft & unv joint lh /front axle shaft lh, 027528 front axle shaft & unv joint rh /front axle shaft rh, 027532 dust shield front axle, 027515 circlip, lower ball joint, 027515 circlip, upper ball joint, 027526 oil seal, front axle shaft, 802556 gasket gear carrier cover assy, 7910007436 cooling fan assembly, 0304eb0491 n thermostat, 0502ca0180 noil seal axle shaft outer, 0306gb0021 n belt alternator, 0801ba0285 n clutch driven plate assembly, 0801ca0032 n clutch cover assy(pressure plate), 082ca0020 nrelease bearing assy, 0502ca0210 n oil seal axle shaft inner, 0502ca0220 nbearing hub, 031133 wheel cylinder assy lh/rh, 29725 assembly front spring, 29745 assy shock absorber front, 29726 assy rear spring complete, 74048 clip spring (u bolt) rear, 79756 rear spring shackle bushing, 70175 bushing shock absorber eye, 29746 assy shock absorber rear, 0802ca0861n lower clutch cylinder, 26242723/0307 cb0661nbrush gear assy, 0307cb0561 ce bush, 0307cb0551 nself armature bush, 030tcb0521 ndrive assy, 29320312 bcdisc pad brake (set of 4 pcs), 3220541 u j cross, 28418 wiper blade assy, 9420000073 oil filter assy, 0313ac0280 nair filter, 0303bc0071 nfilter cartridge, 10020a0560 ncable assy accelerator, 0802ca0751 n/ 0606aa0721nassy clutch master cyl, 0084850 steering tie rod assy comp 4wd, 80656 universal joint (steering), 0050423 fuel filter, 00194061 bearing front wheel outer, 0304eb0250 nwater pump, 0502ca042oil seal wheel hub, 03040db0470nhose radiator outlet, 8855exx0n0012bush kit, 074032centre bolt


India, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla



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26 Jul, 2021

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26 Jul, 2021

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