Purchase Of Various Instruments - Ft-ir, Uv Spectrophotometer, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, 3d Bioprinter, Suit Molecular Modeling Software, Distilled Water Plant (ss), Hot Air Oven, Digital Fluorimeter, Flame Photometer, Ion Exchanger, Digital Balance 10 Mg Sensitivity, Electronic Water Bath 12 Hole, Muffle Furnace, Mechanical Stirrers, Digital Ph Meter, Hot Plate Round, Microwave Oven, Ampoule Sealing Machine, Aseptic Cabinet, Tablet Coating Machine, All Purpose Machine, Main Drive With 4 Accessories, Double Cone Blender (the Cone Mixer Can Be Attached To Main Drive Through Universal Gear Box), Ball Mill (it Can Be Easily Attached With The Help Of Universal Gear Box To The Main Drive.), V Blender, Cube Mixer, Autoclave, Oil Free Vacuum Pump (capacity), Capsule Filling Machine, Ampoules Washing Machine, Tablet Disintegration Apparatus, Pfizer Hardness Tester, Friability Test Apparatus, Clarity Test Apparatus, Orbital Shaker Incubator, Bulk Density Apparatus, Tray Dryer, Moisture Balance, Ointment Filling Machine, Capsule Counter, High Speed Homoginizer, Microscope, Stage And Eye Piece Micrometers, Brookfield Viscometer, Sieve Shaker Machine With Sieves Ss316, Suppository Mold, Ultra Sonicator, Sterility Tester, Tincture Press, Centrifuge (clinical), Colony Counter, Antibiotic Zone Reader, Laminar Air Flow, Uv Cabinet, Dsc (differential Scanning Calorimeter), Rheometer, Magnetic Stirrer With Heater, Heating Mantle, Vacuum Concentrator, Hptlc, Incubator, Cooling Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Digital Calibrated Thermometer, Mixer Grinder, Digital Plethysmometer, Hot Plate Analgesiometer, Radial Maze For Rat, Y Maze For Rat, T Maze For Mice, Object Recognition Test For Mouse, Elevated Plus Maze For Mice, Active Passive Chamber/condition Avoidance Chamber For Mice, Open Field For Mouse (circular), Open Field For Rat (circular), Cook's Pole Climbing Apparatus, Digital Electroconvulsiometer, Analgesia Meter (tail Flick Type), Rotarod Apparatus, Cm Series Micro Balance, Microplate Shaker, Rotary Shaker, Cyclo Mixer, Cooling Incubator And Voltage Stabilizer, Portable Ph Meters, Animal Weighing Balance, Water Purification System, Metabolic Cages For Small Rodents, Actophotometer, Active Passive Chamber/condition Avoidance Chamber For Rat, Morris Water Maze For Rat, Small Animal Tail Bp Monitor System (biopac), Exphysiology Series Software Package (3 Yr Subscription), Perfusion Assembly Or Langendroff Assembly, Sphygmomanometer, Ice Making Machine


India, Maharashtra, Nagpur



Last Date For Submission

19 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

19 Dec, 2022

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