Purchase Of Equipments And Setting Of Tinkering Lab At Ghss Thrickodithanam - Arduino Uno Or Equivalent, Arduino Nano Or Equivalent, Arduino Mega Or Equivalent, Raspberry Pi3 Model B+, Breadboards &mini Breadboard, General Purpose Solderable Board, General Purpose Solderable Board, Berg Strips, 16x2 Lcd Display, Usb Cables, Usb Cables, Battery, Resistor Kit, Capacitor Kit, Linear Voltage Regulator, Water Pump Module, Piezoelectric Plate, 8*8 Led Matrixmodule, Bluetooth Module, Segment Led Display, Gsm, Gps, Laser Diode Emitter, Ldr Module, Keypad, Joystick, Active Buzzer, Motor Drive Module, Sound Playback Module, Dc Plastic Gear Motor With Wheel, Node Mcu, Wemosd1r2, Vibrating Motor, Alligator Connectors, Battery Clips With Dc Jack, Hook-up Wires, Jumper Cable, Rgb Leds, Rgb Leds(red), Rgb Leds(green), Rgb Leds(blue), Rgb Leds(yellow), Rgb Leds(white), Timer Ic-lm 555, Atmega16u2, Diodes And Transistors Kit, Button Switch Set, Capacitative Touch Switch Module, Ir Sensors, Obstacle Avoider Sensormodule, Internet Of Things & Sensors, Triple Axis Magnetometer, Humidity Sensor, Mq Series, Ir Transmitter/ Receiver, Ultrasonic Sensor Module Hc-sr-04 Or Compatible, Triple Axis Accelerometer, Pir Motion Detector Module, Pulse Rate Heart Sensor, Rely Module, Big Sound Microphone Module, Soil Moisture Sensor Module, Touch Sensor, Metal Touch Sensor Module, Rain Drop Sensor, Flex Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Force Pressure Sensor, Colour Recognition Sensor, Water Flow Sensor, Sound Sensor, Ir Sensor Array Module For Line Following, Power Bank, Rfid Reader Tags, Rf Modules Tx & Rx 315 Mhz Ask, Robotics, Stepper Motor With Driver Board, Dc Motor, Servo Motors, 150 Rpm Bo Motor, L298p Motor Driver, Servo Motor Tester, Diy Kit, Robotics Diy Kit, Mechanical (modular) Construction Kit, Stem Learning/application Kit, Drone Kit, Aerospace Kit, Automobile Kit, Bio Medical Kit, Agri-tech Kit, Water/sanitation Kit, Bio Tech Kit, Other Potential Stem Application Kit, Activity Maping For Std Vi To Std X, Package 2 Rapid Prototyping Tools, 3d Printer Kit And Tools, Dedicated Ups/ Power Back Up, Filament For 3d Printer, Filament Storage Box, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material--cardboard, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material--foam Core Boards, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material- 20 M Spool Of Thick Strings Various Colours, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material- Rubber Band, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material- Popsicle Sticks, Set Of Arts & Crafts Accessories- E.g. -stationary Items And Basic Prototyping Material- Wood Glue- 500 Ml, Package 3: Mechanical, Electrical And Measurement Tools, Hacksaw Frame, Hacksaw Blades, Mini Hacksaw Frame, Mini Hacksaw Blades, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--external Straight, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--nose Circlip Plier, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--long Nose Plier, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--combination Mini Plier, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--wire Stripping Pliers, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--bent Nose Plier, Pliers: 4.5 Inch Size--needle Nose Pliers, Tweezer Set, Ball Pin Hammer, Steel Shaft Claw Hammer, C- Clamp, Allen Key Set, Drill Machine Set, Drilling Workstation, Spanner Set, Vice Normal, Precision Screw Driver Set, Wrench, Wire Strippers, Screwdriver, Cordless Rotary Multi-tool Set, Air Blower, Drill Bit Set, File Set, Mini File Set, Flexible Cutting Mat, Plastic Storage Drawer/organiser, Pegboard, Electric Tools, Hot Glue Gun, Digital Oscilloscope, Soldering Kit, Adapters, Adapters, Electric Screw Driver Set, Dual Temperature Heat Gun, Soldering Helping Hand, Measurement Tools, Return Measuring Tape, Stainless Steel Rule, Digital Vernier Calliper, Spirit Level, Digital Pen Electric Tester, Digital Multi Meter, Biology Kit, Diy Papermicroscope, Astronomy Equipment, Telescope,, Textile Equipment,sewing Kit, Package 4 : Power Supply & Accessories And Safety Equipment, Glue Sticks, Nuts And Bolts And Screw, Cable Tie- Pack Of 100, Sand Paper, Power Strip Adaptors-5m, Bulb Holders, Electric Wires, Usb To Dc Jack Cable, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher (handy Units), Safety Goggles [with/with Out Led Torch], Safety Glove, Safety Mask, Lab Setup, Lap Top, Projector, Lab Electrification, Electrification Of Tinkering Lab, Furniture, Side Table, Table, Vinyl Posters For Tinkering Lab, Chair, Almirah, Painting, Rooms

Tendering Authority: Directorate of Higher Secondary Education

India, Kerala, Kottayam



Last Date For Submission

03 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

03 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 187 | Total Qty : 4870
# Item Quantity Units
1 Electronics Development
2 Arduino Uno or equivalent 15.000 Nos
3 Arduino Nano or equivalent 5.000 Nos
4 Arduino Mega or equivalent 5.000 Nos
5 Raspberry Pi3 Model B+ 3.000 Nos
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