Provn Of Pumps For Drainage System At 3 Afsr And Work Services For Afcel Mobile Tower At Mountain Shadow At 19 Wing Under Ge (af) Borjhar

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Assam, Guwahati



Last Date For Submission

05 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

05 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 90 | Total Qty : 2684.4699999999993
# Item Quantity Units
1 Excavating in trenches not exceeding 1.5m wide and not exceeding1.5m in depth/width for foundation, etc. and getting out in soft/loose soil complete all as specified and as directed. Note : During excavation work, no mechanical excavator is permitted to use but manually only. 79.75 Cum
2 Returning, filling in including spreading, leveling, watering and well ramming in layers not exceeding 25cm complete all as specified and as directed. 62.55 Cum
3 Removing of surplus excavating material not exceeding 50m and depositing where directed at a level not exceeding 1.5m above the starting point complete all as specified and as directed. 17.20 Cum
4 Supply and spread sand in cable trenches and providing cushioning for the cable complete all as specified and as directed. Note: Only punned thickness of 18cm will be measured for the purpose of payment. 16.49 Cum
5 Supply and lay burnt brick of size 230 x 115 x 75mm for protection of cable, laying in trenches complete all as directed. 1.70 Per 1000
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