Provn Of Pre-engineered Accn For Officers And Airmen At Af Stn Mohanbari (spl Wks)

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Assam, Dibrugarh



Last Date For Submission

13 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

13 Oct, 2022

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1 The fwg works are to be carried out for soil testing for "Provn of Pre-Engineered Accn for Officers and Airmen at AF Stn Mohanbari (Spl Wks) :- (a) Boring through sand/ clay/ silt strata from ground level to 6.00 mtrs. (b) Carrying out standard penetration test in bore holes as IS:2131. (c) Collection of distrubed sample at every 0.5 mtr or change to strata including packing and handling all complete. (d) Collection of undistrubed soil samples at 1.0 mtr or change of strata including packing and handling all complete as per IS2132-1985. (e) Carrying out laboratory test for :- (i) Grain size analysis (ii) Specific gravity (iii) Bulk and Dry density (iv) Natural moisture content (v) Liquid, plastic limit and swelling index (vi) Sher strength parameters (vii) Chemical test for solubale chlorides and sulphate content. (viii) Consolidation test parameters. (f) The report to include clearly the following parameters :- (i) Layout of trial pits and bore holes on propossed. (ii) Recording of boring as per Appx D of IS 1892. (iii) Soil/rock properties as per detailed exploration (table 3 of IS 1892). (iv) Soil properties. (v) Estimation of safe bearing pressure based on safe bearing capacity as per shear criteria and settlement criteria for rectangular foundations of width of 1.5/2.0/2.5 m in general. The report shall include detailed calculations for SBC. In case of low bearing capacity recommendation may include bearing capacity calculation SBC & settlement calculation for that foundation also. (vi) Recommendation of SBC and type of foundation. (vii) Recommendation of pile with pile capacity in case weaker strata in encountered. (viii) Other relevant recommendations for foundation and improvement of soil if necessary. (ix) Recommendation of existing soil for backfill purpose. Note :- Total 04 sets of spiral binded report shall be submitted and cost for same shall be deemed to be included in quoted retes. 10 Each Job
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