Provn Of High Mast Security Lights ( 02 Nos) At Eastern Command Holiday Home ( Officers) Under Ge Shillong And Provn Of Flood Light And Garden Light Colour Light Fittings At Eastern Comd Saink Aramgarh (ecsag) Shillong ( Mes) And Provn Of Addn Exhaus

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Meghalaya, Shillong



Last Date For Submission

21 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

21 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 39 | Total Qty : 2975.7
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 200 KVA capacity IECO Make Servo Controlled, Voltage Stabilizer factory assembled floor mounted, of capacity 200 KVA, complete,(As per BIS 9815) with safety control and metering equipment mounted on common, base frame comprising of following complete all as specified and as directed with the Make- Instruments & Equipment Co/Make ITE Gurgaon/ Jaybee Bathina/ Transfomers & Electriclas (Inida) following accessories:a) (a) Servo Controlled technology.b) Type Three Phase , Indoor, unbalanced supply, unbalance load, c) Oil cooling type, d) Testing - As per IS:9815 and IS:2026,e) Input voltage 320V-480V Ph to Ph, f) Output voltage 415 +/- 2.5%, g) Frequency- 50Hz +/- 5%, h) Metering Digital Microprocessor based, i) Efficiency Not less than 98%, j) Responsible time- less than 10 mili second, k) Insulation Resistance (IR) - More than 10 Mega ohms at 500 V DC, l) Protections Provided- Over load, short circuit Protection, High/low voltage cut,, off, bypass arrangement, single phase preventer. m) 1st filling of transformer oil to be included by manufacturer complete all as specifed and as directed. 1.00 Each
2 Supply, laying and testing cable XLPE Insulated ,screened, PVC bedded, galvanized steel strip or wire armoured, electric power cables (heavy duty) 1100 Volts grade with stranded aluminium conductor of size 150 sq mm 3.5 core complete all as specifed and as directed. 35.00 RM
3 Supply and fix UPS for 30 min back up three phase AC input 300 to 450V and out put 415 V 1% of capacity 20KVA complete all as specifed and as directed. 2.00 Each
4 M & L Sub main wiring with four run single core 10 Sqmm FRLSH copper conductor cable PVC insulated, unsheathed, 1100 V including Cassing capping ISI marked with all accessories such as Tees, elbows, junction boxes etc, as required fixed on wall alongwith one run of 6 Sqmm single core PVC FRLSH insulated unsheathed copper conductor cable as continuous earth wire and connecting to existing main switch board / distribution board and testing on completion complete all as directed.Note: (i) four runs of 10 sqmm and one run of 6 sqmm cable and one run of PVC casing /capping shall be measured as one RM complete all as specifed and as directed. 50.00 RM
5 Material and labour for earthing complete with galvanised steel earth plate electrode 60 Cm X 60 Cm X 6 mm buried directly in ground vertically to a depth notless than 2.25 mtr deep below ground level with top edge of earth plate at a depth not less than 1.5 m below normal ground level connected to galvanised earth lead wire 4.0 mm dia by means of bolts, check nuts and washers ,galvanised steel and protected by GI pipe 15 mm bore light grade & connected to main switch board or main control board as directed and including concrete pit in PCC (1:3:6) type C1, precast RCC (1:2:4) type B1 cover slab 30 cm X 30 cmX 5 cm with 10mm dia TMT bars 8 cm C/c both ways and one handle for lifting made out of 8 mm dia TMT bar, funnel, wire mesh, 20mm bore galvanised iron pipe (medium grade) for watering, charcoal or coke and salt in alternative layers, necessary excavation and earth work in any type of soil and including necessary testing complete all as shown in Electrical Plate No 3 of SSR part -I. 6.00 Each
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