Provision Of Bore Well And Allied Works At Sumdo In The Area Of Age Em We Pooh Under Ge 863 Ews

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Uttarakhand, Dehradune



Last Date For Submission

11 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

11 Feb, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 35 | Total Qty : 2761.9399999999996
# Item Quantity Units
1 Boring/ Drilling/trail pilot bore' of suitable dia of 200mm bore , by suitable method (by ODEX or DTH-cum-rotary or reverse rig method or hammer method or telescopic method) to any depth (not exceeding 200m) below groung level in any type of strata/ soil/ rock with sand including disposal of materials obtained (soil, rock etc.) from boring to a distance not exceeding 50m with and including deploying required rig, machinary, T&P, equipments etc with and including collection of logical samples (drilling/cutting) and to maintain drilling time logbook complete all as specified and directed. Note :- 1. Neccessary fuel, lubricant and chemicals extra required for construction work shall be arranged by contractor and cost of these items shall be deemed to be included in quoted rates. 2. Depending upon availability of water bearing strata, drilling beyond 100 m below ground level be carried out with prior written approval of GE. 3. Items except sr no 1 to be executed only after succesful execution of this item of work / successful boring depending upon availability of water. No any claim of contractor on this account shall be entertained. 100 RM
2 Development of pilot / trial bore by reaming vertical bore upto 550 mm in steps by heavy duty direct rotary rig machine at approved site location in any type of strata for 200mm bore ERW casing pipe for following depth as mentioned below including all connected works complete all as specified and directed :-
3 Upto a depth of 40 metre from ground level. 40 RM
4 From depth exceeding 40 metre depth as required at site and as directed by Engineer-inCharge. Note :- The cost of hiring and transportation of suitable truck mounted rig machine and other required equipments deemed to be included in quoted rate. 60 RM
5 Supplying, assembling and lowering in position in the bore hole inner assembly of MS housing blind pipes ERW grade, threaded and socket jointed, 175 mm nominal bore and 5 mm wall thickness or bevelled end confirming to IS 4270 complete all as specified and directed 70 RM
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