Providing Rd Cross For Hs Connec. To Individual Houses And Apts In The Areas Of Nagamasjid Curti And Surrounding Area And Remaining Rd Cross For Hs Connec. To Individual Houses And Apts In The Areas Of Khadpabandh ..missing Link ..in Ponda Taluka


India, Goa, Panaji



Last Date For Submission

14 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

14 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 16 | Total Qty : 4760.5
# Item Quantity Units
1 Supplying at store or site of work Rigid PVC (SEL FIT) pipes for public water supply including Railway freight, carting, loading and unloading, stacking, transit insurance etc. complete. Conforming to IS: 4985-2000, and bearing ISI mark Class 6 kg/cm2.(WITH EXCISE DUTY) f) 160mm dia. 6 kg/cm2. 606.000 RM
2 Cutting the bituminous road for laying the pipeline in trenches for a width of 0.6m including labour, tools etc., and disposing the excavated excess material from the trench to a distance of 1000 metres, including making level the trench surface by utilising the serviceable material to the level of the top surface of road, by compacting, watering ramming with rolling with road roller after completion of laying of pipe and refilling the trenches etc. complete as per the direction of engineer in charge. 450.000 Sqm
3 Earthwork in excavation by manual means in foundation pipeline trenches drain (not exceeding 1.5m in width or 10 sq. m. on plan) including dressing of sides and ramming of bottoms, lift upto 1.5 m including getting out the excavated soil and disposal of surplus excavated soil as directed within a lead of 50m. a) All types of Soil 743.000 Cum
4 Extra for additional depth of 1.5m or part thereof in a) All types of Soil 74.250 Cum
5 Conveying carefully from stack at site, 250m from both sides rolling and lowering in trenches, laying true to line and level and perfect linking for joints for P.V.C / H.D.P.E complete in all respects as per the direction of the engineer in charge f) 160 mm OD 550.000 RM
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