Providing And Laying Of The Sewer Line, Water Supply Line And Re-fixing Of Interlocking Tile In Vijay Saini Wali Gali In Village Jharsa Ward 28, Division 5,zone 3. Recall

Tendering Authority: Haryana Government

India, Haryana, Gurgaon



Last Date For Submission

09 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

09 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 276
# Item Quantity Units
1 [17.71]Relaying of available (removed and stacked) Interlocking Paver Block Pavement having thickness 100mm/80 mm/ 60 mm (average = 80mm) as per drawings and Technical Specification Clause 1504 Through Rate 54.000 Sqm
2 [20.68.1]Providing, lowering, laying in trenches, aligning, fixing in position and jointing at all level/depths Ductile Iron (DI) standard specials plain /flanged/ socketed confirming to IS9523-2000 with rubber ring (EPDM/SBR) joints such as tees, bends, tapers, caps etc. with in trenches in DI pipe line complete including all material, labour, testing and commissioning along with pipe line as per Technical Specifications and as per direction of Engineer. 1. Up to 300mm dia Through Rate 50.000 Per Kg.
3 [21.91.2]Construction of circular standard brick-masonry manhole chambers to standard drawings on S.W. pipe sewers or other circular sewers up to the required depth in 1:5 cement sand mortar lime concrete in bed and sides of pipe-sewer and cement concrete 1:2:4 in benching 12 mm thick water tight 1:2 cement sand plaster with a floating coat of neat cement and finished with two coats of sodium silicate of interior surface where required fixing cover and frame weight not less than 2:5 quintal painted with 3 coats of black bitumen paint fixing galvanised malleable iron steps embedded in 1:2 cement sand mortar complete. The rate covers the cost of carriage of C.I. manhole, frame and cover and malleable iron steps from the stores of the engineer-in-charge of the works to site of works. the rate also includes the cost of accurately planed and fitted centring supports for all works as well as for all curves and special works cleaning out their beds etc. Sodium silicate will be supplied free of cost at the stores of the Engineer-in-charge. 2. For 1.80 metres depth below ground level - on 200 mm internal diameter pipe sewer Through Rate 4.000 Each
4 [21.94.3]Providing salt glazed stone ware pipes grade A in standard length of 600 mm each pipe marked with IS: 651 and their lowering, cutting, jointing and testing as described in item No. 21.38, 21.39, item 21.40 including the cost of jointing materials as well as carriage, loading, unloading, stacking, handling, re-handling etc. complete in all respects to the satisfaction of Engineer-in-charge. 3. 200mm i/d Through Rate 30.000 Per Mtr.
5 [22.160.1]Providing and laying SandS Centrifugally Cast (Spun) / Ductile Iron Pipes conforming to IS : 8329 : 1. 100 mm dia Ductile Iron Class K-7 pipes Through Rate 30.000 Metre
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