Providing And Fixing Aluminium Partition Between Nursing Station And Doctors Station At Various Locations In Nehru Hospital, Pgimer, Chandigarh.

Tendering Authority: Postgraduate Institute Of Medical Education And Research

India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 15 | Total Qty : 1292.95
# Item Quantity Units
1 Providing and fixing 18 mm thick gang saw cut, mirror polished, premoulded and prepolished, machine cut for kitchen platforms, vanity counters, window sills, facias and similar locations of required size, approved shade, colour and texture laid over 20 mm thick base cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand), joints treated with white cement, mixed with matching pigment, epoxy touch ups, including rubbing, curing, moulding and polishing to edges to give high gloss finish etc. complete at all levels. Granite stone slab colour black, Cherry/Ruby red Area of slab over 0.50 sqm 19.750 Sqm
2 Providing and fixing Ist quality ceramic digital joint less glazed wall tiles of size not less than 300 x 400mm conforming to IS : 15622 (thickness to be specified by the manufacture ) of approved make in light shades as approved by Engineer-in-charge in skirting, risers of steps and dados over 12 mm thick bed of cement Mortar 1:3 (1 cement : 3 coarse sand) and jointing with grey cement slurry @ 3.3kg per sqm including pointing in white cement mixed with pigment of matching shade complete. 53.100 Sqm
3 Providing and fixing aluminium hanging floor door stopper, ISI marked, anodised (anodic coating not less than grade AC 10 as per IS : 1868) transparent or dyed to required colour and shade, with necessary screws etc. complete. Twin rubber stopper 25.000 Each
4 Providing and fixing aluminium die cast body tubular type universal hydraulic door closer (having brand logo with ISI, IS : 3564, embossed on the body, door weight upto 35 kg and door width upto 700 mm), with necessary accessories and screws etc. complete. 25.000 Each
5 Providing and fixing aluminium sliding door bolts ISI marked anodised (anodic coating not less than grade AC 10 as per IS : 1868) transparent or dyed to required colour or shade with nuts and screws etc. complete : 250x16 mm 25.000 Each
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