supply, installation, testing and commissioning of laboratory equipments for civil engineering department - erichsen cupping machine- to find the cupping qualities of metal sheets & strips and to test the adhesion, elasticity and porosity of coasts of plants or varnish by way of comparision. the machine needs to conforms to is:10175-1982., technical specification:, sample width: 70 to 90 mm sample thickness: 0.1mm to 02mm, least count of micrometer device: 0.05mm, one turn of wheel: 1.25 mm advance of penetrator overall dimension(approx): 450mm x 500 mm x 500 mm weight approximate : 50 kgs.", 2 years extended warranty period of erichsen cupping machine , "standard lechatelier flask-standard le-chatelier flask conforms to the, is: 4031(part ii) 1988, shape : conical, usage/application: hydraulic cement testing design type: conical, capacity: 250 ml color: transparent height: 243 mm, bottom width: 90 mm diameter top cone diameter: 50mm throat thickness: 11 mm, ", mould-mould made of cast iron. size:150mm x 150 mm x 150mm as per is:4031 (1968), glass vessel-glass vessel with lid (1 ltr.), "flow table (hand operated)-flow table used for determination of fluidity of cement concrete mixture where the nominal size of aggregate does not exceed 38mm., it consists of the following :, 1. a brass table top 762mm diameter, finely machined at the top and having reinforcing ribs at the bottom. a vertical shaft is fitted to the underside of the table in the center., 2.a cast iron frame with machined base & a polished smooth vertical hole at the top for the table shaft . a horizontal shaft carries a cam at one end and a hand wheel at the other. the cam is adjusted to give a free drop of 12.5mm to the table top., 3. a conical mould in the form of frustum of a cone 250mm inside diameter at base, 170mm inside diameter at top and 120mm high. it is provided with two lifting handles", 2 years extended warranty of flow table (hand operated), "electronics digital theodolite-anglular, measurement :method of angular measurement- absolute, units of angular measurement, other than degree -v % (slope), resolution (least count) of angular measurement- 0.05 second, accuracy of angular measurement - (±) 2 second, angular measurement detection method -horizontal dual sides, angular measurement detection method - vertical dual sides, telescope: image type-erect, objective lens aperture- 50 millimeter, magnification (in x) -30, telescope resolving power (angle) -2.5 second, telescope field of view-1°30, minimum focus distance-, 1.4 meter, stadia ratio (stadia multiplication constant) – 100, stadia constant (stadia addition constant) -0, reticle illumination-yes, compensation: compensation-dual axis, compensation range (±) -3 minute, compensator setting accuracy-2 second, laser pointer, laser pointer- yes, method of focusing -coaxial focusing, laser range in daylight (meter) –na, laser class-na, plummet: type of plummet-optical, imaging –erect, accuracy of plummet (±) -0.5 millimeter, magnication (optical plummet) -3x, field of view (optical plummet) (degrees)- 5°, minimum focus (optical plummet) -0.5 mtr, level vial / bubble senstivity : circular vial (per 2 mm) - 6 minute, plate / tubular vial (per 2 mm) 20 second, display / interface / storage :-display layout on two side type of display lcd display features graphic display display size 2 inch number of diplay lines 3 line data output usb cable,sd card measurement entry storage capability (data sets) 5000, accessories:-data transfer cable yes instruction manual yes tripod with type of tripod metallic number of tripods inclusive in the scope of supply 1 lens cover set yes shock absorbing carrying case with shoulder strap yes generic ingress protection ip 56, tribrach type detachable weight 4.3 kilogram dimensions (size of theodolite) (in mm x mm x mm) na additional features, battery power source rechargeable batteries battery size, if non rechargeable battery na battery chemistry, if rechargeable battery li-ion number of batteries required for operation 1 number of batteries inclusive in the scope of supply 1 operating voltage 7.2 volt battery operating (back up) time 5 hour battery charger inclusive in the scope of supply yes, operating conditions minimum operating temperature -5 degree celsius maximum operating temperature 50 degree celsius non condensing humidity, rh @ 40 ?c 80 percent", 1st year extended warranty for electronics digital theodolite, 2nd year extended warranty for electronics digital theodolite, 3rd year extended warranty for electronics digital theodolite, 4th year extended warranty for electronics digital theodolite, "prismatic compass with stand dia-114mm made of full brass fitted with aluminium dial ring prism and two colour glasses completely painted in case with shoulder strap and wooden tripil stand highly polished with ball and socket point size 5"" dia-, ", "2 years extended warranty period of prismatic compass , ", "liquid limit device hand operator-casagrande apparatus confirming to is: 9259-1979.grooving tool. porcelain evaporating dish about 12 to 15cm in diameter., spatula flexible with blade about 8cm long and 2cm wide., palette knives with the blade about 20cm long and 3cm wide., ", digital weighing balance-capacity:20kg sensitivity:2gm, 2 years extended warranty of digital weighing balance , steel container-steel container 50 gms, steel container 100gm-steel container 100gm, ename tray-enamel tray 50*30 cm, steel rod-steel rod length 30 cm dia 0.5 cm, adjustable spanner-adjustable spanner medium size, adjustable spanner big-adjustable spanner big size, stop watch mechanical--, stop watch digital-- resolution of stop watch/chronograph (in sec): 60 secs, beep alarm with chime and snooze: yes, day display, date display, "is sieve-is sieve -size 425microns,, it consists of brass frame with fine mesh wire cloth dia of 20 cm., confirm to is: 4031 (1968), ", "oven-thermostatically controlled oven-thermostatically controlled, with interior of non-corroding material to maintain the temperature at 110 ± 5°c, ", "2 years extended warranty of thermostatically controlled oven, ", bowl-mixing bowl, gi with enamel coating size - 20 cm dia, shovel (khurpi)-blade size -250mm x 300mm, "odometer-- specification for consolidometer/oedometer, - fixed ring consolidation cell for 60mm dia. x 20mm thick specimen, complete with porous stones, cutting ring and loading pad., - one dial gauge 0.002mm x 5mm, - set of weight to give 10 kg/cm2 pressure intensity on the test specimen comprising 7 x 0.05 kg/cm2, 5 x 0.1 kg/cm2, 6 x 0.2 kg/cm2, 6 x 0.5 kg/cm2, and 5 x 1.0 kg/cm2., ", 2 years extended warranty of odometer, tri-axial test apparatus-tri-axial test equipment load frame with analog control . cell diameter 38 mm as per is : 2720., 2 years extended warranty of tri-axial test apparatus, "ph meter-type: microprocessor based, display: led / lcd / touch screen and upto 3 digits, calibration: up to 3 points with auto buffer, ph range (ph): 0.00 to 14.00, accuracy (ph): +- 0.05, corrosion resistant: yes, power requirements: 230 v +- 10, 50 hz ac, modes: ph mv- c, parallel temperature indication: yes, temperature compensation type: automatic, temperature accuracy (degree c): +- 0.3,temperature compensation range (degree c): 0 to 100, resolution (ph): 0.01, operating humidity: rh in (%):95, operating temperature (degree c): 50, warranty (year): minimum 3 years, impact resistant: yes, ingress protection, water tight: yes, storage pocket for ph electrode: yes, system to be supplied with measuring electrode combined & glass calomel, temperature probe, electrode stand, calibration buffer and maintenance kit, operation manual, power cable and plug: yes, ", "nephelo turbidity meter-range :0-1000 ntu, display: digital lcd display, resolution: 0.1, light source: led, waterproof: yes, accuracy : +/-3 % fs, +- 1 digit, measuring range: 0-1000 ntu, grade: a1, languages: english, measurement range: 5 auto range, power: 230v, +/-10% ac , 50 hz, number of calibration point: 5 points calibration, power (w): 230 vac, power source: 12 vdc adopter, temperature (deg. celsius): 0, -100, turbidity range: 0-1000 ntu, ", "conductivity meter (table top model with digital dispaly), -ec range: 0 to 1999 µs/cm, 0.0 to 199.9 ms/cm, 0.0 to, 199.9 µs/cm, 0.00 to 19.99 ms/cm, ec resolution: 0.1 µs/cm, 1 µs/cm, 0.01 ms/cm, 0.1 ms/cm, ec accuracy: ±1% fs (excluding probe error) ec calibration: manual, one point, ec/tds temperature compensation: automatic, 0 to 50°c (32 to 122°f) with ß adjustable coefficient from 0 to 2.5 %/°c, temperature range: 0 to 50°c (32 to 122°f), ec/tds probe: , platinum four-ring conductivity probe with internal temperature sensor, din connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included), power supply: 13 vdc adapter (included), environment: 0 to 50°c (32 to 122°f), rh max 95% non- condensing, ordering information: hi2315 is supplied with hi76303 conductivity probe, 12 vdc adapter, and instruction manual., warranty: 2 years, ", electronic balance-analytical of max.= 32/180 (dual range) sensitivity readability 32g - 0.1mg above, 32g to 180g -0.1mg, draft sheild=all glasses,3 doors, platter size 75mm dia, 2 years extended warranty of electronic balance, field water testing kit-the kit that can perform the following chemical tests: ph, alkalinity, hardness, chloride, tds, fluoride, iron, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity, residual chlorine (with color chart), with product brochure, "cod digester-cod digester, temp range-above amb to 180 degree, digital display 12mm red led, electronic temp controller, heating range-750watt, dimention 500 x 270 x 80 mm, resolution-0.1 degree, hole size-40mm dia x 80mm depth, glass tube-38mm dia, 15 nos (5x3 rows), sample vol.-50ml each, ", "2 years extended warranty of cod digester, ", "water distillation unit-water still - use of 3 kw heater load support works on 220/230 volts a.c supply finds application in making of pyrogen free distilled water distillated temperature 60 c-75 c plus minus 5 c, made up of steel body, size: 2 lit per hrs, ", micro pipette-variable volume capacity: 100 micro liter-10000 micro liter, graduated pipette-glass pipette graduated with pipette bulb- 5ml, graduated pipette-glass pipette graduated with pipette bulb - 10ml, graduated pipette-glass pipette graduated with pipette bulb - 25ml, porcellin crucible -dish- withstand high temperature of capacity - 25ml, made up of porcellin, porcellin crucible -dish- withstand high temperature of capacity - 50ml, made up of porcelain, porcellin crucible -dish- withstand high temperature of capacity - 100ml, made up of porcelain, beaker(glass)-graduated glass cylindrical beaker for laboratory use of capacity - 1000ml, beaker(glass)-graduated glass cylindrical beaker for laboratory use of capacity - 2000 ml, "electronic balance-analytical maximum capacity=32/180g(duel range) sensitivity/readability=upto 32g-, 0.01mgabove 32g to 180g-0.1mg, draft shield=all glasses,3 doors, platter size min 75mm dia, ", vaccume filteration apparatus-with all accessories, refluxing flask -with flat bottom (500ml) suitable with lie big condenser, kettle element-tetra type-electric heating element, 2000 watts, porcellin crucible -made up of porcellin should withstand high temperature- 200ml, beaker(glass)-low form glass beaker with graduated- 1500 ml, volumetric flask with interchangeable glass stopper-100 ml, volumetric flask with interchangeable glass stopper- 250ml, volumetric flask with interchangeable glass stopper-500 ml, volumetric flask with interchangeable glass stopper- 1000 ml, liebig condenser-- 500 ml, refrigerator-glass door refrigirator 250 lit capacity, double door of transparent panel with minimum five shelves, slake durability test equipment-the equipment is used for rock quality , durability, soundness and degree of weathering.power supply - 220v. rotating drum speed - 20rpm by electronic motor. dimension- 1070mm*500mm*1200mm; voltage-220v, "digital timer-, 2 30 amps high quality digital programmable timer 4 pin - 18 program - replaceable battery electronic timer switch - , • replaceable battery with lcd display stone-pro time switch with lcd display, 4 pins 18 times per day off, up to 120 on or off per week, • microprocessor controlled best quality is guaranteed, which is used to turn automatic switching on or off for irrigation or agricultural pumps or street lights or signage boards or any appliance for hydroponics or appliances., • accurate minute control, improved relay and replaceable battery, • voltage: 220 or 250 volts ac, frequency 50 or 60 hz, operation temperature 0 to 55 ° c amps 30a, • package to include digital timer instruction manual and insulated connecting thimbles. , ", mineral-moh`s scale of hardness: set of 9 minerals-this collection contains 10 minerals represents the scale of hardness talc (h=1), gypsum (h=2), calcite (h=3), fluorite (h=4), apatite (h=5), orthoclase (h=6), quartz (h=7), topaz (h=8) & corundum (h=9) & 10 mineral magnetite for magnetism test, rock and minerals test kit-in this kit the accessories & tools is knife, iron plate, streak plate, glass plate, copper plate, iron plate, garnet board, magnet, hand lens, acid drop bottle (empty) & instruction manual for doing these test., minerals cleavage collection.-this chart collection contains 10 minerals having property of basal, cubic, octahedral, pinicoidal, rhombohedral& prismatic cleavage., minerals fracture collection.-this chart collection contains 10 minerals having property of even, uneven, conchoidal, subconchoidal, splintery& hackly fracture, minerals streak collection.-this collection contains 10 minerals having property of light blue, white, colour less, brown grey, black, yellow grey, reddish, brown, greenish black & brown gold streak, minerals luster collection.-this chart collection contains 10 minerals having property of metallic, adamantine, viteous, resinous, greasy, pearly, shining, submetallic, dull& metallic luster., "l c d projector-optical, projection system 3 lcd panels, 1 lens projector system, lamp uhp lamp, 245w, light output 4,500 lm, screen coverage 40"" to 300"" (measured diagonally), panel 0.75"" x 3 brightera lcd panel, projector lens approx. 1.5 times manual zoom /manualfocus,throwratio=1.32~1.91:1, keystone correction range vertical : max. ±30 degrees (auto), horizontal : max. ±20 degrees, lens shift (manual) vertical ±5% (manual), horizontal ±3% (manual), throwing distance (16:9 screen aspect ratio) ceiling installation 80"" screen 2.22 to 3.25m, 100"" screen 2.79 to 4.08m, 120"" screen 3.36 to 4.91m, 150"" screen 4.21 to 6.15m, 200"" screen 5.63 to 8.21m, signals, dynamic contrast ratio 3700:1 (full white/full black)*¹, resolution panel display: 3,072,000 (1280x800 x 3) pixels, colour system ntsc3.58, pal, secam, ntsc4.43, pal-m, pal-n, pal60, displayable scanning frequency fh: 19 khz to 92 khz, fv: 48 hz to 92hz, acceptable computer signals max. display (resizing): uxga 1600x1200 dots*4 (panel display resolution : 1280x800 dots), acceptable video signals ntsc, pal, secam, 480/60i, 576/50i, 480/60p, 576/50p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, general, dimension (wxhxd) 406 x 113 x 330 mm, mass 5.5 kg (12 lb 2 oz), power requirement ac 100v to 240v, 1.4a to 3.6a, 50/60 hz, operating temperature0°c to 40°c, operating humidity35% to 85% (no condensation), storage temperature (-10°c to +60°c), storage humidity 10% to 90%, speaker 10w x 1 (monaural), power consumption max (ac220v to 240v, ac100v to 120v) 320w/265w/225w, 340w/280w/240w (lamp mode : high/standard/low), power consumption standby (ac220v to 240v, ac100v to 120v) 3w /< 0.3w (standby mode: stanard/low), heat dissipation (ac220v to 240v, ac100v to 120v) 1092 btu, 1160 btu, input interface, input a (rgb/y pb pr) rgb /y pb pr input connector : mini d-sub 15-pin (female), audio input connector : stereo mini jack, input b (rgb) rgb input connector : mini d-sub 15-pin (female), audio input connector : stereo mini jack, input c hdmi input connector : hdmi 19-pin, hdcp support, audio input connector : hdmi audio support, video input (s video) s video input connector : mini din 4-pin, audio input connector : pin jack (x2) (shared with video in), video input (composite) video input connector : pin jack, audio input connector : pin jack (x2) (shared with s video in), output (monitor out) monitor output connector*² : mini d-sub 15-pin (female), audio output connector*³ : stereo mini jack (variable out), remote rs-232c connector : d-sub 9-pin (female), lan connector : rj-45, 10base-t/100base-tx, cealing installation kit, power cable 15mtrs, vga cable 15mtrs, with remote screen", "digital thermometer-multi-purpose digital thermometer. measuring range of -50ºc to 300ºc (-58ºf to 572ºf)., on/off switch with automatic power off after 10 minutes. battery to be included, with up to 60000 hours of use. includes protective sheath with pocket clip., ", thermostatically controlled oven-thermostatically controlled, with interior of non-corroding material to maintain the temperature at 110 ± 5°c., 2 years extended warranty of thermostatically controlled oven, mineral structure-cleavage and fracture experiment kit- mineral structure-cleavage and fracture experiment kit., mineral tenacity collection-this chart collection contains 10 minerals having property of brittleness, sectile, malleablility, flexiblility, elastic, softness, and tensile & fragility tenacity., mineral specific gravity collection-this collection contains 10 minerals having property of <2 to 7.6 specific gravity., mineral colour collection-this chart collection contains 10 minerals having property of green, golden yellow, yellow, white, red, blue, black, grey, purple& transparent colour., mineral crystal collection-this chart collection contains 15 minerals having isometric, tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, monoclinic & triclinic crystal systems., rock hammer- geological-geological hammer with pointed tip and shock reduction grip, cleaning brush-fibre plastic material, heavy duty gloves-rubber material, "heavy duty sample bags -grip seal heavy duty sample bags for rock samples- 1 packet, (100 bags)- (ziplock) big size 10"" x 18""/254mm x 457mm, ", weatherproof labels-4 rolls-waterproof-100x50mm, indelible pen – black/ blue-indelible pen – black & blue permanent marker, brush for cleaning rocks and wire baskets -wire brush mini size - 3 and medium size - 3, hcl-hcl - 1 litre, streak plates/tiles-unglazed ceramic tiles - 1 pair = black colour & white colour - 10cmx8cm each, glass plate-two inches thick. size = 5cmx2.5cm, "electrical resistivity meter-output, 1. automatic injection ranging, microprocessor controlled, 2. current 3.voltage 4.power, 5.pulse duration 6.current precision, input, 1.input impedance 2.input voltage 3.input voltage 4.notch filters, 5.voltage measurement 6.automatic stacking and averaging, 7. automatic sp correction includes linear drift correction on every third stack with real time digital filtering., 8. induced polarization 4 windows and total charge ability., 9. simultaneous measurement of voltage and current., general, 1.memory for 2500 readings. 2.serial, 3.operating temperature 4.weight 7kg., 5.size, 6.power supply 2 internal 12v7.2ahrbatteries,or external12v, standard system, ", "2 years extended warranty of electrical resistivity meter, ", hot plate-temperature up to 300 degree c, chemical resistance and durable constant, diameter of the hot plate-200 mm, set of sieves-set of sieves 30 cm diameter made of brass frame , size: 25 mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12.5mm,10mm,6.3mm, 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 1.70mm ,1.18 mm with nabl certificate with lid and pan, pycnometer-capacity of 900ml, with brass cone having metal conical screw top (as per is 2386, part-iii), "tar viscometer-for bitumen viscosity test, as per is: 1206 (part-1) 1978 following equipment is required., i) tar viscometer: - it consists of a cup having a specified orifice and valve; a water bath mounted on three legs having a suitable sleeve for the cup a stirrer and a shield. the following is the detailed description of the different parts and accessories of tar viscometer;, (a) cup:- it is made of hard brass tube and fitted with an external brass collar at the upper end of the cylinder to support the cup., (b) valve:- it serves to close the orifice of cup and is made of phosphor bronze as par the dimension., (c) water bath:- it is made of copper sheet, is cylindrical in shape, about 160mm in dia and 105 mm in depth. it is mounted on the three equal distant legs., (d) sleeve:- to receive the cup and to hold it in position., (e) stirrer; of four vertical varies., (f) curved shield:- it is fixed to the upper edge of the cylinder and extends to within about 5 mm of the walls of the water bath. this shield carries an insulated handle for rotating the stirrer, a support for a thermometer, and a swiveled support for the value., ii) receiver:- a 100 ml graduated cylinder having an internal diameter of 29mm. it has making on 25 ml and 75 ml levels., iii) thermometer:- range 0º to 44ºc or 37.8ºc to 82º c or 70º to 122ºc accurate up to 0.2ºc., ", "bitumen standard penetrometer- bitumen standard penetrometer, specification as per is:1203, , , ", standard proctor mould-standard proctor mould having a capacity of 944 cc with an internal diameter of 10.2 cm, ring & ball apparatus-ring & ball apparatus for bitumen softening point test apparatus with complete accessories, thermostically controlled oven-thermostatically controlled oven, capacity 100 liter, rated power 1200w, 2 years extended warranty of thermostically controlled oven, enamel tray-size: 500mmx 300mm, deep 80mm, straight edge-size: length-50 cm width-5 cm thickness-0.5 cm, aluminium container-aluminium container with lid for water content determination , oil gun-oil gun capacity 250 ml, thermometer-thermometer for laboratory use. range0-100 degree c, 0-180 degree c., length gauge-length gauge for determining flakiness index as per is:2386 part-i, thickness gauge-thickness gauge for determining elongation index as per is: 2386 part-i

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