proposal for supply of spares for arrester barrier - pump coupling, coupling spider, up limit switch, valve, shuttle, panel assembly, tower control, panel assembly, remote control, check valve, limit switch down, flow control valve, anchor plate assy pa, dump valve, hydrulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, switch assembly, down limit, switch assembly, up limit, hyd power unit, valve, shuttle, wire rope thimble, nylon tape, 1060 ft, 900 ft. runout, connector assembly, tape to net, coupling, quick disconnect, female half, coupling, quick disconnect (male half), chain hoist, hand pump, relief valve, chain, roller, tower control panel, mobile site control assembly, 132-150 mhz, tower and alarm panel portable enclosuer, brace, winch drum assembly, stanchion arm (mk6e-3), spindle, shear pin (green color), directional valve, 3-way, 2 position, purchase tape assembly (778 feet), tape assy 840 ft, stanchion motor 10 hp, main switch & fuse box, guy wire assy, ball bushing, self-aligning, relief valve assy (52c-9995-1), indicator light red (60007-002), hose assembly, wire, steel, 20 gauge, stanchion base befab 44b-2f-ft/mk 6-1/men-302/me, directional valve, 4-way, 3 position, o/h kit reservoir packet, main cock valve.

Tendering Authority: Indian Air Force

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

01 Dec, 2021

Closing Date

01 Dec, 2021

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