Procurement Of Arrester Barrier Spares - Flat Washer, Cotter Pin, Lubrication Fitting, (1/16-27 Npt X 0.6875), Lock Washer, Brake Cable Lh, Brake Cable Rh, Seal Nut, Accumulator Charging Kit, Charging Valve, Pressure Gauge, Relay, Self Aligning Sph Bushing, Screw Flat, Clip, Tube, Four- Line (ap), Varistor Assembly, Single Conductor, Accumulator Pressure Gauge, Straight Connector, Cable, Straight Connector, Cable, Straight Connector, Cable, Coupling, Quick Disconnect, Female Half, Coupling, Quick Disconnect, Male Half, Lubrication Fitting, 90˚, (1/16-27 Npt X 0.844), Grommet, Grommet, Strap And Ratchet Assembly, Clamp, Loop, Plain, Support, Aircraft, Rigid Tube, Od 0.375 Nom, Washer, Flat, 0.75 Nom, Connector, Receptacle, Connector, Receptacle, Charging Valve, Centre Flag, Chain 8 Feet, Split Pin, Circlip, Shackle, Rectifier, Sealing, Time Delay, Diode (d4+d6), Push Button, Relay Dc 48v (rl4+rl6), Limit Switch, Flag Masking Net Centre, Sealing Washer, Button Push

Tendering Authority: Indian Air Force

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai



Last Date For Submission

22 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

22 Aug, 2022

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