Tendering Authority: INDIAN NAVY

India, Goa, Goa



Last Date For Submission

04 May, 2021

Closing Date

04 May, 2021


procurement of 128 by type spares for p8i aircraft - seal kit, pad assy-rh side, boot nrp deicing pneumatic, bushing, out flow v/v anti skating foil, jumper, threaded bushing, lamp glow, valve assy, wire, deodorant-toilet flushing chemical, ams1476b, sanipak77x4gm, 4 gram size, case, for ordering use: sanipak77x4gm and specify: case, fitting, lighting diverter fixing, bolt, co-pilot sunvisor (lens assy), shoe-tailskid, packing conductive, packing, lens, cover-track, shaft - drive, socket, cover for power button of aerial refuelling panel, nut plate, axe strap assy, cartridge aasy, return hose, axe hinge assy, nut, spring - retaining, switch, pad assy- rh side, cover, battery pack assy-isfd, lens assembly, seal foam, ball lock pin, towbar, hose assy, seal, seal, packing, bolt, packing, bolt machine, packing, washer, lamp, bolt, bolt, brack assy mission equipment, retainer seal, d-rings for rep, 13 pin circular connector d38999 series iii plug, relay, light assy-bin, hose, cable fibre optics with end connector, packing preformed, bolt, switch, platform fan blade, seal bulb, lamp halogen, light recess, bolt, bolt, relay, cable, filter element, filter assy case drain, retainer seal, tel-take 5705-1, lamp-fluor, clamp, filter, packing, light assembly, emergency, ground illum rh side, bolt, packing, bolt, nut, packing-preformed o-ring, bolt, aps desiccant filter (desiccant cartridge), seal, screw, fuse, strip felt, screw, fuse-5a,preformed,f1,f2,f3,f4, nut plate, bolt, pqacking preformed, screw, hubcap, strut gas, track base, discharger static, packing, nut, seal (port aft flap), connector, seal d-shaped, lamp, ty 3a pelets, bolt, lens assy, lens assy, dessicant, seat assy toilet, apu inlet seal, handle assy, bezel lens, electrical plug connector 90 deg, screw, pin(cable), screw, bolt, battery pack, retrofit kit tailcone section, washer, pins- guide, spinner cone, strip felt, valve pressure relief, speaker, switch, bracket, mission planning table hinge

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