procurement of 111 by type seaking spares - 111 by type spares of seaking, spring, ball bearing, transistor silicon, micro circuit linear, micro ckt digital ttl, lamp 28 v, fan, armature motor, capacitor, mother board assy, pin lite 09, rectfer block, oscillator local sub, capacitor castenet, transistor , gear shaft, spur, ball bearing, motor, filament for anti, ball bearing, housing assy, wheel assy complete, linkage assy, bearing rod end, bearing , ring 'o', ring 'o', o ring, screw spl, lamp filament, gasket, special, capacitor fxd, o ring, packing 'o' ring, gasket o ring, gasket, packing 'o' ring, packing 'o' ring, packing 'o' ring, synchro repeater assy, switch assy, washer, discharge gap, bolt, nut, nut, plug, assy return, input plug filter assy, switch micro, capacitor 33mfd, +/-, ring, retaining, coil, assy, bearing ball, stator assembly, bearing ball, fan, assy, screw, socket head cap, valve bleeder, tag board, gasket, felt, variable inductor, capacitor, front panel assy, filter assy, pin bearing, valve electronic, bearing ball, movement assy, end plate, packing 'o' ring, packing 'o' ring, mechanical front end, wheel balance, retainer washer, ring mating, ring dublel, ring dublel, ring seal, receiver injection, audio circuit card, packing pre formed, connector, washer plot 0.010, circuit integrated, relay, gasket spa, control knob, capacitor 50 mf, panel stn box, panel electronic, panel, switch, ring, retaining, packing 'o' ring, ring, hydraulic, adhesive, switch toggle, packing 'o' ring, lamp assy, o ring, frequency conveter, spring, compression, core & poppet assy, transformer audio, plug, plug shipping c/w, plug shipping, nut special, nut, backup, power transister.

Tendering Authority: INDIAN NAVY

India, Kerala, Kochi



Last Date For Submission

16 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

16 Aug, 2021

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