Tendering Authority: INDIAN NAVY

India, Goa, Goa



Last Date For Submission

04 May, 2021

Closing Date

04 May, 2021


procurement of 38 by type of minor spares for p8i aircraft - phillips #2 acr instl bit, lens assembly, tape, high temperature aluminium, tubing 5052-0 ww-t-700/4 .5 od x .035, 12ft length, filter, tubing 6061-t4 ww-t-700/6 1.0 od x .035, 12ft length, phillips #2 acr rmvl bit, warning label, tubing cres bms7-185 .5 od x .026, 20ft length, speaker, conductive bag, phillips #3 acr instl bit, platform fan blade, insert, thread, lamp, lamp, retainer seal, seal kit, seal assy, seal, deodorant-toilet flushing, kit: paint, gry bac707 , 4qt, fitting lube, retainer seal, coating: anti-static,blk,gl, adhesive: epoxy, b/a, clr, 2oz, seal, apu inlet seal, sealant, silicone, kit: adhesive, epoxy, a/b, pt, toluene: nitration grade, sealant- rtv162, 3 oz cont, sealant: a/b, pt, silicone: pmx-200, 2,pt, sealant: silicone, red, 3oz, lubrication: corrosion prevent, 5, lubrication-molykote z powder, fitting lube

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